Illuminate your outdoor adventures with Dorcy lights. Whether you are looking for that heavy-duty ultra-powerful flashlight to help you see the way or perhaps a lantern to light up your tent, Dorcy, here at Anaconda, has the light that you are looking for. Shop online or instore now for great deals on our range of Dorcy lights and lamps.

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What makes Dorcy products special?

Dorcy is a global brand, with more than 55-years' experience creating highest quality torches, batteries and professional portable lighting products and outdoor equipment. Dorcy gear is specially designed and constructed for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking and even scuba diving. From sturdy camping torches to industrial strength applications, Dorcy is a go-to brand for lighting products.

Dorcy is also a leading manufacturer of portable lanterns and emergency lighting, with some products adaptable to USB connectivity, Bluetooth and mobile apps. Dorcy is also committed to sustainable products that are good for the environment - an ideal fully supported by Anaconda. Dorcy products are innovative, using state of the art technology to deliver better outdoor lighting solutions, making Dorcy a perfect match for Anaconda.

Are Dorcy torches and spotlights a good choice?

If you appreciate innovative and versatile camping and outdoor solutions, Dorcy products are a good choice. The Dorcy Pro 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Spotlight, for example, boasts superior features that will improve your outdoor experience. This spotlight features three powerful LEDs that provide 750 lumens of illumination that can be beamed to a distance of more than 275 metres.

This spotlight provides 3 hours of run time at full power, and 7 hours of run time when using battery saver technology. As an outdoor specialist, Dorcy ensures this spotlight features durable construction that can handle the knocks. It also feature a non-slip rubber grip and handy locking switch on the trigger. In addition, you can recharge the Pro 1000 with AC or DC connections. It can even stand on its own for hands-free use - ideal for helping with night time running repairs.

Does Dorcy also have battery operated torches?

As a torch, lantern and flashlight specialist, Dorcy has the right product for every situation requiring illumination. You can even purchase long lasting Dorcy batteries from Anaconda, so you can enjoy night time exploring without fear of your batteries going flat. Impressive Dorcy products include the Dorcy Waterproof Floating Lantern, featuring strong impact resistance, and superior lens shield protection. Waterproof and floating, this lantern is a boaties best friend when things go wrong.

What other Dorcy products should I consider?

Dorcy is all about comfortable, convenient camping and outdoor adventures. For a stylish statement, you might consider the Dorcy Pro 135 Lumen Penlight. This handy product produces a powerful LED beam and includes a holster with durable metal clip for fastening onto your belt. Enjoy hands-free exploring the Dorcy way, courtesy of Anaconda. For even greater freedom, choose Dorcy Headlamps. These one-size-fits-most items are ideal for night-time adventures, exploring caves, or simply negotiating campsite obstacles in the dark.

For ultimate camping convenience at a price regular Australians can afford, it is worth checking out the Dorcy LED Area Light Combo Pack, containing a 40 lumen LED lantern and 30 lumen LED torch, with batteries included. The lantern includes a hang hook and hang ring so you can illuminate your campsite and enjoy night time Australia.

What other camping gear does Anaconda stock?

Anaconda is Australia's leading camping and outdoor specialist, with more great products than anyone else. We have everything you need for successful camping, whether you are a solo trekker or a party leader in charge of a large group. Explore Anaconda tents, sleeping bags, awnings, camp cookware, outdoor apparel, hiking boots, fishing gear, first aid equipment and a whole lot more.

At Anaconda, we partner with major brands to deliver the best quality outdoor gear for the lowest available price. Shop with Anaconda in-store or online, and save money with every purchase.



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