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Go treasure hunting with metal detectors & uncover hidden wealth while spending time outdoors. Explore Anaconda's pinpointers, gold detectors & more online.

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Yes, you can! High quality metal detecting and prospecting detectors are available at Anaconda in a wide range of sizes and price levels. Gold prospecting and treasure hunting is as good a reason as any to explore the best of Australia, and today's sensitive metal detectors, such as the Minelab Pro-Find, Minelab Gold Monster and Minelab go-find 66 Metal Detectors will point you in the right direction. Anaconda offers the best metal detectors with LCD display, low frequency detection, pulse induction, search coil and waterproof features.

Metal detecting is easier than ever, and a profitable way to spend the day outdoors. Gold prospecting, metal detecting and treasure hunting are all very real possibilities in Australia, so start exploring Anaconda's extensive range of prospecting gear, metal detectors and spare parts today. At Anaconda, we offer a superior online purchasing experience with fast checkout, delivery tracking and our famous lowest available price guarantee. Add Anaconda gold prospecting, treasure hunting and metal detection gear from Garrett and Minelab to your wish list and start finding metal objects worth serious cash.


Metal detecting and gold prospecting are popular with many people. Treasure hunting is fun, and there are many other benefits when you move about, enjoy nature, form friendships and possibly even find gold nuggets or buried treasure. Metal detecting teaches us about the past, our ancestors and more. You can practice metal detecting just about anywhere, although gold nuggets are typically found in particular rock structures. The best metal detectors emit deeper impulses for finding deeper gold nuggets and other valuables, so it's worth the investment in quality products such as the Garrett Ace, Minelab X-Terra, Garrett At Pro or Minelab Pro-Find. There are metal detecting clubs and online forums where you can find advice and inspiration about pulse induction, low frequency metal detectors suitable for entry level and experienced prospectors.


There are different types of metal detectors for finding a wide-variety of metal objects. Special features of the best metal detectors include beat frequency oscillation, low-frequency, and pulse induction. Some of the metal detector variations are down to price, whereas others relate to the type of metal detecting you want to concentrate on and the areas where you want to explore. It is best to read up on the various metal detector, gold detector, gold prospecting and digger options before making a decision, and to work your way up to highest quality waterproof, low frequency metal detectors with LCD screen and enhanced capabilities. With good planning and a little treasure hunting luck, your prospecting equipment or metal detector can pay for itself after a few outings.


As well as our extensive selection of metal detectors, Anaconda also showcases highest quality prospecting equipment, carry bags, tents, sleeping bags, and all other outdoor equipment. Our unbeatable gold detector range includes gold pans, gold sieves and other gear for locating and identifying gold nuggets. If you want to try your luck discovering some gold on your next adventure trip, you can't leave home without quality gold prospecting equipment from Anaconda. If you are planning a camping or hiking trip with the family, metal detecting, gold prospecting and treasure hunting is a great way to spend quality outdoors time with family and friends, and with some of the world's biggest gold nugget finds right here in Australia, prospecting has never been more profitable.

As Australia's largest camping, hiking and outdoor retailer, Anaconda is excited to offer an unbeatable Australian range of metal detecting and gold prospecting equipment and devices. If you are a treasure hunter on a mission to find gold bounty, or a weekend warrior with metal detecting gear, now is the time to test your go-find gold detector skills while enjoying the great outdoors. Explore more Anaconda options via the main menu, including gift cards and special deals. We offer fast checkout, delivery tracking and a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy to ensure you get the ideal metal detector for your needs.



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