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The Anaconda commitment to watersports, fishing and boating is second-to-none, including kayak paddles, telescopic paddles, inflatable boats, mooring equipment and spare parts. A well maintained boat may include wooden oars, rubber oars, heavy duty oar stops, powerful outboard motor, bimini, winches, rod holders and boat cover. At Anaconda, the choices are all yours for pleasure craft outboard engine controls to calm sailing and kayak whitewater adventures. The unbeatable Anaconda collection includes angling gear such as fishfinders, tackle boxes, swivels, navigation lights, side mount oarlocks, life jackets, wetsuits and first aid gear.


At Anaconda, health and safety is the highest priority, and that includes oars & paddles that satisfy stringent Australian standards. Anaconda boat accessories, fishing gear, kayaks, inflatable watersports equipment and life jackets are in demand, including kayak paddles, telescopic paddles, boat oars, oar stops, tie downs, fibreglass canoes, fishing cleats, engine sealants and a whole lot more. At Anaconda, we have it all, including fresh water and saltwater fishing gear, heavy duty fasteners, fire extinguishers, spotlights, boat hooks, fuel tanks, stainless steel bilge equipment, winches and more.


When choosing kayak paddles you have to take into consideration three things: length, blade design and materials.

The right length of a kayak paddle is determined by the width of the kayak and the height of the kayaker. Using a kayak that isn't long enough makes it more difficult to get the blade into the water and apply force to get efficient forward thrust.

The most common paddle blade design for kayaks is the asymmetrical dihedral shape. An asymmetrical paddle has one side that is both narrower and shorter which makes it lighter and easier to handle for touring and long distance trips.

A dihedral blade has a profile that isn't completely flat. It is thicker at the centre where the shaft is, and thins out towards the outer edges of the blade. The angle makes water flow smoother across the face of the blade and reduces flutter.

The materials used for the shaft and blade determine the paddle's strength and weight. Shafts can be made of aluminium, fiberglass or carbon fibre. Blades are available in plastic, nylon, fibreglass or carbon fibre.

Here at Anaconda, you can find high performance kayak paddles with carbon fibre blades and shafts. For a more affordable yet still lightweight paddle, we also offer kayak paddles with fibreglass shafts and nylon blades. For recreational kayakers on a tight budget, we also offer paddles with aluminium shafts and plastic blades. Despite its low price kayak paddles with aluminium shafts are very durable and easy to service.


Anaconda is the outdoor and adventure expert, no matter where you live in Australia. Our huge range of equipment includes kayak paddles, rod holders, rowlock gear, telescopic kayak paddles, boat oars and more. Check out Seak, Jarvis Marine and Oceansouth products, along with the best sailboat and motor boat GPS equipment and navigation lights. From boat fenders to boat seats, anchor rope, epirbs, buoys, trim tabs and shackles, we can help you get up to ocean-going standard. If shopping online, simple make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. At Anaconda, we offer afterpay, gift cards, special deals, new products and our famous lowest price guarantee on all stocked items.

For safe paddling, make sure to invest in a high quality life jacket, wetsuit and first aid gear, all available at Anaconda Australia. Our amazing range of inflatable and fibreglass watersports gear for adults and kids is second to none, and the quality is found across the board, from telescopic paddles and fishfinders to timber oars, rubber oars, boat hooks, boat accessories, fasteners and new products for ongoing inspiration.



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