Where To Find The Best Fishing Spots In Brisbane

Where To Find The Best Fishing Spots In Brisbane

On the hunt for some good fishing spots in Brisbane? Very few things come close to that exhilarating moment of feeling a tug on the fishing line and reeling in a whopper. And with plenty of fish species to catch such as Bream, Salmon, Flathead and Snapper, Brisbane is home to some of the most amazing fishing spots you can find in Queensland.

From popular fishing destinations to hot spots only the locals know about, we've listed where to find the absolute best fishing spots in Brisbane that'll ensure your next fishing trip is one to remember. But first, we've answered the most common questions when it comes to Brisbane fishing.

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Everything You Need To Know About Fishing In Brisbane

Everything You Need To Know

Is Brisbane good for fishing?

The simple answer is yes, the area of Brisbane offers plenty of awesome fishing spots that cater to every type of fisherman. There's a huge selection of piers, jetties, islands, rivers, shores and rocks to cast off of and catch a vast variety of fish species. Brisbane has a rich history of fishing. In fact, commercial fishing started in Brisbane in the 1840s and the Turrnal Nation of Aboriginal people have been fishing along the Brisbane River for up to 40,000 years.

What fish can you catch in Brisbane?

Depending on where you cast your fishing line and at what time, you can catch a wide variety of fish in Brisbane. Here's a rough list of the main types of fish you can catch in the Brisbane area:

  • Flathead
  • Bull shark
  • Bream
  • Catfish
  • Threadfin salmon
  • Cod
  • Snapper
  • Mulloway
  • Mullet
  • Squire
  • Barramundi
  • Bass
  • Japanese meagre
  • Eels
  • Banana prawns

Can you fish anywhere in the Brisbane River?

Yes, Brisbane River fishing is extremely popular and anglers are allowed to fish anywhere along the Brisbane River to the Gateway Bridge, and throughout the Brisbane area.

Are bait nets legal in QLD?

This is a surprisingly tricky question to answer. Queensland put heavy restrictions on using recreational cast nets back in 2015, so it all depends on the type of water you are in. Cast nets, crab pots and hand pumps aren't allowed in freshwater but are allowed in tidal water with certain restrictions, which you can find on the Queensland Government website.

This is why it's best to check what type of water you will be fishing in before heading out. For example, the Brisbane River contains a lot of brackish water, which is a mixture of freshwater and saltwater, so always confirm which area you are fishing in contains freshwater or tidal water before setting out to catch bait.

Where can I find live bait in Brisbane?

When it comes to catching live bait in Brisbane, the best spot is where the Brisbane River connects with Breakfast Creek, which has tidal water. Using your trusty cast net, you can catch a variety of live bait such as prawns, Herring and Poddy Mullet. If you want to get right into fishing, then you can always use burley, scents and fishing lures that are just as effective.

Do you need a fishing licence in QLD?

According to the Queensland Government, anglers do not need a fishing licence to recreationally fish in Queensland. However, you will require a permit if fishing in certain stocked impoundments. But as restrictions can vary, it's always a good idea to first check with the relevant local authorities before heading out.

Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall, Manly

Manly Rock Wall

Address: Wyvernleigh Cl, Manly QLD 4179

Travel just over 30 minutes outside of Brisbane CBD and you'll find the first destination on our list: Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall. Extending out into deep water, this is one of the best fishing spots in Brisbane because there are lots of different cast off points including rock entrance walls and concrete walkways, plus amazing views of the surrounding harbour which has over 2,000 boats docked.

This is a great spot for catching Flathead, Trevally, Whiting and Bream when the tide is high and you can catch the occasional Cod and Mackerel as well. If you're using live bait, then prawns, worms and yabbies are recommended. The best time to go fishing at Manly Boat Habour is nighttime, so make sure to bring along some strip mullet bait or squid to increase your chances of catching some higher quality fish.

Why you'll love Manly Boat Harbour:

  • Close distance from Brisbane CBD
  • Awesome spot for harbour fishing
  • Perfect fishing spot for catching Bream, Whiting, Trevally and Flathead

Woody Point Jetty, Redcliffe

Woody Point Jetty Redcliffe

Address: Oxley Ave, Woody Point QLD 4019

If you're searching for the best Redcliffe fishing spots, then make sure you check out Woody Point Jetty. Even though it's great for fishing all year round, the best time to go fishing at this spot is early morning. This will also give you the most spectacular view of the famous Redcliffe sunrise, showcasing vivid red, pink and orange hues slowly rising and seeping into the dawn sky as it explodes with light.

Woody Point Jetty is a great fishing spot for experienced and beginner anglers, whether you are casting off from the shore or venturing to the end of the jetty where schools of fish swim in the deep water below. You can expect to catch some Whiting, Flathead, Tailor and Bream, and recommended bait includes pilchards, prawns and strip bait.

Why you'll love Woody Point Jetty:

  • Best fishing spot in Redcliffe
  • Great spot for fishing any time of the year
  • Awesome fishing spot for beginners

Mud Island, Moreton Bay

Mud Island Moreton Bay

Address: Mud Island, QLD 4871

Mud Island is located only 5km from the mouth of the Brisbane River and is another awesome spot to check out when fishing in Brisbane. It's only accessible by boat and you can easily catch one from the convenient departure points at Sorrento and Queenscliff - and it's totally worth the trip. And with 15 fishing zones on the north, west and south sides of the island, there's plenty of fish to catch.

The prime time to go fishing is at night, dawn and dusk, with pilchard, squid and Herring being the preferred bait. But if you're fishing throughout the day, then soft plastic bait is a great option (if you need help choosing the right one, then check out our guide to soft plastics). Mud Island is a gold mine for catching fish such as Cod, Squire, King Fish, Crabs, Snapper, Bream, Mackerel and Tailor.

Why you'll love Mud Island:

  • Located close to the Brisbane River
  • Over 15 fishing zones to ensure you'll always catch something
  • Perfect spot for nighttime fishing

Breakfast Creek, Albion


Address: Kingsford Smith Dr, Albion QLD 4010

Just 4km northeast of Brisbane CBD is Breakfast Creek (also called Brekkie Creek by the locals), another great choice when it comes to finding the best spots for Brisbane River fishing. This stunning waterway offers plenty of awesome spots for fishing, whether you prefer to cast off from the bank of the creek or from your boat or kayak.

The best time to go fishing at this spot is either early evening during high tide or early morning at low tide, which is your best chance of catching Jewfish, Bream, Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Snapper and Threadfin Salmon. Soft plastics are perfect for catching Flathead near the mouth of Breakfast Creek, especially when there is a slack tide. If using live bait, then prawns and Herring are perfect for catching larger fish.

Why you'll love Breakfast Creek:

  • One of the best fishing spots in Brisbane for waterway fishing
  • Great place for catching Jewfish, Bream, Flathead and Threadfin Salmon
  • Awesome fishing spot for catching much larger fish around the Brisbane area

Colmslie Recreation Reserve, Morningside


Address: Col Gardner Dr, Morningside QLD 4170

Take a short drive from the city and you'll find Colmslie Recreation Reserve, another great candidate for one of the best fishing spots in Brisbane. This large reserve features a sandy beach, a jetty and a pontoon that are excellent for setting up your fishing rod and casting a line.

The two main types of fish that can be caught at this spot are Bream and Catfish, and your best chance of catching them is at night or early morning. However, if you need some help mastering the art of catching Bream, then read our article on finesse fishing for Bream for all the information you need. With a picnic area, playground and barbecues, Colmslie Recreation Reserve is an ideal fishing spot in Brisbane to bring the family along too.

Why you'll love Colmslie Recreation Reserve:

  • Great place for reserve fishing
  • The ultimate spot for catching huge Catfish and Bream
  • Lots of picnic areas around for the family

Tuckeroo Park, Nudgee Beach

Nudgee Beach

Address: Nudgee Beach QLD 4014

Just under half an hour away from Brisbane, Tuckeroo Park is a very popular fishing destination for both tourists and locals. The jetty is a hot spot for fishing, but there are plenty of excellent fishing spots along the river bank and sand flats as well. You can also choose to take to the water from the nearby boat ramp.

Tuckeroo Park offers plenty of chances to catch fish such as Flathead, Bream and Whiting, and your best chance to catch them is to head out in the evening or during the afternoon. The park also allows dogs on the tidal section as long as they are on a leash, so feel free to bring your best mate along for some company.

Why you'll love Tuckeroo Park:

  • Just 30 minutes outside of Brisbane CBD
  • Most popular fishing spot in Brisbane for jetty fishing
  • Lotsa of dog parks around so remember to bring your dog!

Gateway Bridge (Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges), Brisbane

Gateway Bridge

Address: Murarrie QLD 4172

When it comes to the best spots for Brisbane River fishing, you can't beat the Gateway Bridge (also known as Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges). You can choose to fish off of the bridge up top or underneath around the columns at the base, which provides the perfect spot to set up your rod and fish in comfort like Huckleberry Finn.

The best time to head down is in the evening during the turn of the tide. This is because the currents can be pretty strong and brutal during the day when the wind off the Brisbane River picks up. It's recommended to use strip bait to catch the variety of fish that populate the area such as Catfish and Mulloway. However, heading down at nighttime will give you a better chance at catching some Threadfin Salmon and Mangrove Jack.

Why you'll love Gateway Bridge:

  • Huge amount of fishing spots around the Gateway Bridge
  • An awesome fishing spot in Brisbane for evening fishing
  • Greta fishing spot for catching Mangrove Jack, Mulloway and Catfish

Wellington Point Jetty, Reserve Esplanade

Wellington Point

Address: Wellington Point, QLD 4160

Located about 22km southeast of Brisbane, Wellington Point Jetty is an excellent fishing spot in Brisbane for all types of skill levels. Beginners can cast off near the start of the jetty in shallower waters while more experienced anglers can test their skills at the end of the jetty where it's much deeper. A major attraction of this fishing spot is the pure abundance of fish, ensuring no one leaves empty-handed.

It's also a pretty flexible fishing spot, so head out anytime during the day and you'll be sure to hook something on the end of your fishing rod. Using soft plastics and lures is perfectly fine during the day, but live or weighted dead bait is a better choice during nighttime, dawn and dusk. This fishing spot is known for its Bream and Flathead, as well as Snapper when the colder months set in.

Why you'll love Wellington Point Jetty:

  • Perfect fishing spot for anglers of all experience levels
  • Good mix of shallow and deep water fishing
  • Great spot for catching Flathead, Bream and Snapper

Shorncliffe Pier, Shorncliffe

Shorncliffe Pier

Address: Park Parade, Shorncliffe QLD 4017

If you're looking to head out for some fun deep water fishing, then you'll find it at Shorncliffe Pier. As one of the longest recreational piers in Australia, measuring an impressive 351.5 metres, it's the perfect fishing spot and is just 35 minutes from Brisbane CBD. Its iconic colonial street lamps lined along the pier offer plenty of lighting for nighttime fishing and incredible views of the sun as it sets over Bramble Bay.

Locals say the best bait to use is prawns, light plastic lures and pilchard, and the best time to head down is either late in the evening or early morning. There's also plenty of fish to catch swimming in the deep saltwater below such as Garfish, Yellowfin Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Winter Whiting and Tailor. For anglers that don't have access to a boat but still want to fish in deeper waters, Shorncliffe Pier is the ultimate fishing destination.

Why you'll love Shorncliffe Pier:

  • Close to Brisbane CBD
  • Great fishing spot on Australia's longest fishing pier
  • Awesome fishing spot in Brisbane for early morning fishing

Port of Brisbane, Brisbane CBD

Port Of Brisbane

Address: Port of Brisbane, QLD 4178

When it comes to hot fishing spots in Brisbane, we can't finish this list without mentioning the Port of Brisbane. It's got the best combination of everything - deep water (just off Howard Smith Drive), great tidal flows plus perfect spots for fishing from the shore or in the boat (check for any restrictions before heading to the boat ramp). There's also plenty of nearby piers to check out if you're struggling to get a bite. As there's a massive amount of fish swimming in the port, feel free to head out anytime during the day or night.

If you're fishing under Captain Bishop Bridge, then it's recommended to use soft plastic lures for catching larger fish such as Tailor, Jewfish, Flathead, Flounder, Cod and Bream. Just under the Port Bridge is another great spot to catch Threadfin, Jewfish, Mangrove Jack and Salmon, just be sure to bring some fishing jigs, mullet strips or live pilchards.

Why you'll love Port of Brisbane:

  • Great fishing spot right in the middle of Brisbane
  • Lots of fishing spots from either the shore or from a boat
  • A huge variety of fish to catch in the area

Bribie Island, Moreton Bay

Address: Bribie Island

Simply take a short drive up North of Brisbane and you will find yourself at one of the best fishing spots in Brisbane: Bribie Island. And even though Bribie Island is not accessible by car, it continues to thrive as one of the most popular fishing spots in Brisbane - and for good reason! There is an absolute plethora of different fish species to catch, so much in fact, that all you have to do is cast your line and wait for a bite.

If you decide to head down around the incoming tide, then you will find yourself catching a large amount of Jewfish, Flathead, Whiting, Dart and Bream. Bribie Island is also home to the Pumicestoen Passage, which is the main canal that separates the mainland from the island. It is here where you can expect to catch fish such as Cod, Flathead, Snapper, Moses Perch, Parrotfish and Trevally, as well as Prawns and Mud Crabs.

Why you'll love Bribie Island:

  • The perfect spot for island fishing
  • A huge variety of fish species to catch
  • Long stretches of surf shoreline to fish from

Nudgee Beach, Nudgee Beach Reserve

Address: Nudgee Beach Reserve

Surrounded by a paradise of sandy beaches, waterways and picturesque wetlands, Nudgee Beach Reserve is heaven on earth for the hungry angler - with plenty to see and do as well. Nudgee Beach Reserve is also packed with picnic areas for the family and even allows kayaking if you feel like getting out onto the water and exploring - but if you're here to fish, then strap in!

You can choose from land-based fishing, kayak fishing or deepwater fishing spots, and is an awesome area for catching lots of Sand Whiting. Insider tip: the locals like to use small pieces of frozen and fresh worms as the perfect bait. If you head down during high tide, then you can expect to catch fish such as Bream, Catfish, Jewfish, Threadfin Salmon and even Stingrays and Pikey Eels.

Why you'll love Nudgee Beach:

  • Awesome fishing spot in Brisbane where you can kayak fish as well
  • Lots of picnic areas for the family
  • Excellent fishing spot in Brisbane for catching Bream, Catfish, Jewfish and Threadfin Salmon

Explore The Best Fishing Spots In Brisbane Today!

We've searched high and low to find the best fishing spots in Brisbane so you don't have to. Now all you need is to do is to make sure you're all stocked up with the right fishing lures, rods and reels, load up the car and head out to one of these fantastic fishing spots in Brisbane. Whether you prefer fishing along the Brisbane River, down in Redcliffe or somewhere a bit more local, you won't walk away empty-handed. From casting nets and tackle boxes to clothing, lures and more, check out our massive fishing range to make sure you've got everything you need for your next fishing trip.

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