Rapala has been a favourite with Australian and international anglers for more than 70 years, and the innovative Rapala products are more popular than ever. Check out the amazing Rapala range, in-store or online at Anaconda.

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Anglers expect the tools of their trade to work effectively in a variety of situations. Rapala has been an iconic fishing gear manufacturer for decades, for all the right reasons, providing anglers with better opportunities to catch more fish. Rapala is a much-loved angling brand worldwide, respected for manufacturing amazingly life-like lures.

High-quality realistic lures trick the eye with natural movements, shape and colour. These lures provide anglers with confidence in their bait and lure choices. It's in the water that really counts though, and that's the focus of Rapala development. Rapala have been serving professional and part-time anglers for more than 70 years, presently selling close to 20 million lures annually, and are a firm favourite with all serious fishermen.

The enduring appeal of Rapala lures is a tradition that doesn't look like ending anytime soon, introducing a whole new generation to Rapala lures and other products available at Australia's leading outdoor retailer, Anaconda. With a nation-wide network of outlets, and the most comprehensive range of apparel and equipment available, Anaconda is the go-to store for all types of anglers.

By showcasing the best brands from around the world, Anaconda gives the customer real choices and the opportunity to test everything first-hand. Alternatively, Rapala fans who already know their lures can order from Anaconda online. The Rapala range is extensive for a variety of fish species, including lures for catching Kingfish, Tuna, Giant Trevally and other big fish.

The special front lip on Rapala lures enables them to flutter and move in imitation of a baitfish at the depth you desire. For some anglers, Rapala lures in the tackle box are a must-have, so it could be time to throw away those cheap imitation lures and invest in equipment that really works. Here are just a few options available at Anaconda.

Rapala X-Rap Magnum 12cm Lure: This hardbody lure will attract fish at depths around 4.5 metres, making it ideal for Tuna, Mackerel, Kingfish, Trevally etc. The lifelike baitfish action will lure in your prey, and this lure cuts through the air for a longer cast. The tough X-Rap finish of the Magnum 12cm Lure means it can remain a valuable part of your lure collection for a long time to come.

Rapala Original Floater 7cm Lure: This is a choice that will satisfy all Rapala fans. The famous balsa wood construction is a major reason Rapala remains a world leading brand, and this is a go-to lure for catching Trout, Bream, Bass, and Flathead at depths around 1.5 metres. This lure is versatile: it can be twitched on the surface, used as a shallow runner, or weighted for deep and bottom dwelling fishing.

Rapala X-Rap Long Cast 14cm Lure: There is something extra special about reeling in bigger fish, and Rapala has all angles covered with the X-Rap Long Cast 14cm Lure. A quality lure will cut through the wind when casting, allowing you to place the lure in precise position. Once in the water, this lure will roll, wobble and flutter in motions that attract Tuna, Trevally, Kingfish, Mackerel, Salmon, Tailor etc.

Check out other Rapala gear also, including pliers and scissors for performing lots of essential tasks. Fishing would be impossible without the right tools on hand for fast use, and Rapala tools are designed specifically for the job. The Rapala RCD 6" Mag Spring Pliers are a great example, using an ergonomic hand-grip that encourages a stronger hold. Rapala RCD Precision Line Scissors are another option worth considering, with features that include German stainless steel blades, a titanium coating and sliding lock for safe storage.

Check out the full Rapala range at Anaconda online or in-store, and have a great fishing adventure.



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