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Can I buy Black Magic Fishing gear from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Black Magic has been producing top quality tackle since 1991, and from humble beginnings, in New Zealand, they have soon become one of the top manufacturers in the fishing world. They are committed to research and development, helping to ensure that your fishing tackle always lives up to the job. Whether you are looking for some of the best lures in the business, stocking up on hooks for your fishing trip, or needing any other terminal tackle pieces, then Black Magic is a great place to start. Shop Black Magic online or at your local Anaconda store today!

What is included in this range?

Whether you are looking for a specific piece of kit or just stocking up for the season of fishing ahead, then Black Magic has got you covered. They are the 'best by test', a claim that is supported by the continued use of Black Magic by some of the world's top professional anglers. This range includes a selection of Black Magic fishing gear and equipment, such as:

Hooks: If you are looking for high quality, chemically sharpened fishing hooks then there is a wide selection to choose from within this range. Hooks are probably the most indispensable part of your kit, so select the best with Black Magic at Anaconda.

Bait Buddy: This is a very fine thread that is designed to secure your bait correctly to the hook, helping to prevent it from coming off when you are casting or when the fish bites. It is particularly useful if you are fishing with soft baits, such as shellfish and will appear almost invisible in the water.

Snap Swivels: Providing better lure action than a rigid knot, we have swivel snaps for both freshwater and sea fishing. Swivels provide an axis point, allowing your tackle to spin while keeping the main line still. This reduces the amount of twist, with increased line twist making your job more difficult and even potentially stressing the line to breaking point.

Line: Black Magic offers several different types of fishing line, which is robust, durable and available in a range of widths and colours.

Pre-made rigs: Choosing the right rig is a critical part of preparing your line, and it can be the difference between a hit and a miss.

Balloons: Ideal for float fishing, we also have a selection of black magic balloons to keep your bait afloat and those top level fish biting.

Jigs and lures: Attract your target fish with the collection of jigs and lures available from the Black Magic range. There are lots to choose from!

Can you tell me more about using snap swivels?

Most serious anglers will have a range of swivels and snaps in their kit, with their use depending on the conditions and the target catch. Consider the size in relation to your target catch, with larger heavier swivels being used for those monster fish. Additionally, any swivel used in a rig should also have a breaking strain which is at least the same as the leader line. There are many different types of snap swivels available at Anaconda, and the one that you choose will depend on what you are planning to catch.

How can I protect my hooks?

If a hook becomes rusted, it loses its strength and power. Not only does this risk fatally harming your catch, but it can also damage and stain other pieces of your kit. Some of our Black Magic hooks have been chemically sharpened. This means that the hook has undergone a chemical procedure that sharpens the hook further. So, not only do you have an increased opportunity to hook a fish, the fish is more likely to stay on the line- giving you a better shot at catching a big one!



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