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Relax and enjoy the outdoors with our amazing collection of camping chairs and stools at Anaconda. Shop the range and more outdoor adventure gear at low prices!

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Can I purchase chairs and stools at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Make sure you have somewhere comfortable to spend your time while out camping with the great range of chairs and stools available from Anaconda. With everything from small, useful stools to chairs that will allow you to recline and take it easy, Anaconda has a great range of chairs and stools to fit every camper. Whatever your preferred style of seating, you will be able to find a comfortable chair or stool at Anaconda.

What types of chairs are available at Anaconda?

You can choose from a huge range of different models including simple compact beach chairs, folding chairs, recliners, slumber chairs, director's chairs, chairs with attached side tables and even bean bags. Various kids' chairs in fun designs are also available, and for those who like a little luxury, chairs with inbuilt glass holders will be just what they are looking for.

What types of chairs do you recommend?

Special camping furniture, including chairs, will take up much less room in your vehicle than taking along your garden recliners. Many of the best-selling chairs at Anaconda are folding chairs that come in their own carry bag, they are lightweight and unfold easily into a surprisingly comfortable chair. Some have side tables, glass holders or even cool bags attached to them.

What else is included in the chairs and stools range?

Many anglers like a stool to perch on while fishing, and Anaconda has a range of stools that are ideally suited to this task. From a basic three-legged stool to several models of dedicated fishing stools with a backrest for added comfort, are all available in this range from Anaconda.

What are beach chairs?

Beach chairs are typically a very lightweight, portable, folding chair that allows you to sit quite close to the ground. A great alternative to stretching out on a towel, especially if you like to sit and read, or do a crossword while enjoying your beautiful surroundings! These beach chairs are available in various colours and designs, and are also great for taking along to music festivals. They can also be a great option for lounging about in the garden at home with family and friends.

What if I want to put my feet up on holiday?

For ultimate relaxation, you cannot find any better than a full-size recliner chair, and you can find several types of recliners at Anaconda - this in an extensive range of styles and affordable prices. Fully adjustable, you can recline in several different positions. Some even have added extras such as drinks holders and magazine racks. If this is still not enough relaxation for you, you may have to go up another level and invest in a hammock from Anaconda!



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