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Gazebos, Screens & Shades

Planning a party outdoors?

Be protected against unforeseen rain and get one of our excellent gazebos, screens or shades.

At Anaconda, you can acquire gazebos of all sizes, suitable for any party you have in mind!

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Gazebos, Screens & Shades

Outdoor Australia provides adventure and beauty for everyone to appreciate. With the addition of a gazebo, screen or shade, harsh sun and unexpected rain showers can’t interfere with your plans, and protection from the elements is guaranteed.

What is a gazebo?

Gazebos have evolved over time and are known by different names around the world. Ornate structures decorating parks and gardens with features similar to gazebos include pavilions, pergolas, rotundas and follies. Modern, portable gazebos are lightweight and easy to erect, making them ideal for a huge range of purposes.

In a matter of minutes, a gazebo can be unpacked and erected, providing protection from the elements. Whether you are setting up for a weekly farmer’s market, enjoying a day by the water or utilising extra gazebo space during extended adventures, Anaconda has a range of waterproof pop-up gazebos, canopies, windbreaks and more to make life easy.

How to build a gazebo

Convenience is a read drawcard with Anaconda gazebos, screens and shades. The products are easily assembled and built by one or two people, while also designed to be tidily packed and unpacked for repeated use. For example, the Anaconda OZtrail Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo and Spinifex Premium II Gazebo both use slider brackets that allow the legs to be extended and locked in place at the right height. Here are a few basic steps required to build a pop-up gazebo:

Step 1: Place your pop-up gazebo upright in the desired location and gently pull the legs away from each other, with the assistance of a second person on the opposite side of the gazebo if required.

Step 2: Lift the partially opened frame from underneath, raising the truss bars until the gazebo is fully opened to its maximum spread.

Step 3: Lift a gazebo leg extension until the slider bracket locks in place at the appropriate height. Repeat the procedure with the remaining three legs.

Step 4: Firmly anchor your gazebo in case of wind gusts. OZtrail Gazebo Base Pods, supplied by Anaconda, are the sturdy, long-lasting anchors of choice.

How long does it take to build a gazebo?

The above procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes, although not all gazebos are created equal, with some manufacturers emphasising form over function. In such cases, it’s common to witness people struggle for half an hour or more with poorly manufactured and unnecessarily complex gazebos.

In a world where convenience is key, Anaconda has the answers to enhance your experience. You can include a Sunwall, Festival 15 Shade Shelter and even a Dune Citadel Screen House to guarantee pesky insects and rodents don’t get to you or your belongings. Pop-up gazebos aren’t quite as ornate as their historic forbears, although they are expected to perform almost all the same functions, and with Anaconda on your side you can make it happen.

Which gazebo should you buy?

It’s worth understanding the difference between a quality gazebo and a cheap imitation. For a little extra additional outlay, you can purchase a highly-regarded gazebo brand such as OZtrail or Spinifex, and appreciate years of reliable, sturdy and waterproof use. At Anaconda, we believe in quality, with gazebo products that include:

Spinifex Standard Gazebo: Incredibly lightweight at only 13.5kg, and with generous 3 x 3 x 2.6m dimensions, this is a tough and versatile shade solution for any occasion. The Spinifex Standard Gazebo includes a wheeled bag for easy transportation, UV resistant canopy, and a convenient frame lock mechanism.

Spinifex Premium II Gazebo: The powder-coated steel frame contains stabilisers and supports for a sturdy construction. The Spinifex Premium models range up to 6 x 3 x 3.2m, making them an incredibly versatile solution for your next outing or adventure. Guy ropes and stakes are included, along with a full 12-month warranty.

OZtrail Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo: This impressive gazebo blocks more than 98% of UV radiation. The high-quality powder coated steel frame includes a two-staged tubular leg system for space-saving packing and storage, while the canopy is triple-layer reinforced in key wear locations. The wheeled carry bag makes portability of the OZtrail gazebo a breeze.

Anaconda gazebos are designed and built to handle tough Australian conditions. We specialise in known brands and include only the best screen and shade accessories to enhance your gazebo experience.

What is a gazebo used for?

This is where gazebo convenience and versatility is appreciated. Gazebos are useful at weddings, parties, events, in the garden, at the market and lots of other places. It soon becomes obvious that a pop-up gazebo is something everyone should own for use during special occasions and celebrations. Here are just a few ways your Anaconda gazebo will come in handy.

Gazebos are handy at weddings and large gatherings for:

  • A covered area for use during the ceremony
  • Shelter from the elements during outdoor festivities
  • Cover for buffets, workspaces and bars for serving staff
  • Designated undercover areas for exhibits


Gazebos are extremely useful for pop-up commercial enterprises such as:

  • Cover for valet parking
  • Cover for exhibitions and displays
  • Market stalls, food stalls, catering


A gazebo is very useful around the home in lots of creative ways, including:

  • Sun shelter above the toddler’s pool
  • Protection for small seedlings and plants from the sun
  • Temporary cover for bicycles or a motorbike


Its always handy to have a gazebo with you on a camping trip in order to:

  • Provide separate shade areas for outdoor comfort
  • Quick set-up at your favourite location
  • Extend shelter beside your vehicle or tent for additional living and sleeping space


How do you secure a gazebo?

It’s important to secure your gazebo in case of high winds. It only takes a moment for a gazebo to be lifted by a wind gust, so securing the gazebo with ropes, pegs or weights is essential. Fortunately, Anaconda has the best solution of all: the OZtrail Gazebo Base Pod.

Base pods attach to the bottom of the gazebo legs and can be filled with water or sand to provide the counterweight required to resist high winds. Once filled, your OZtrail base pods weigh 8kg with water or 11.5kg with sand, providing you with confidence to set up even in relatively exposed locations.

Base pods are particularly useful when erecting your pop-up gazebo on a hard surface where pegs and ropes are of little value. They are also easier to negotiate, without the chance that children or visitors will trip over ropes or have an accident. Quality products serve several functions at once, the Anaconda way.  

How much does a gazebo cost?

At Anaconda, we keep quality high and prices low. For little more than the price of a cheap imitation, you can own a high-quality product that has been designed and constructed to last for many years of reliable service. This includes enduring waterproof properties, solid steel components and high UV protection for the lifetime of your gazebo.

With an attractive price range, plus incredible discounts, you can purchase a name-brand gazebo, with warranty, for far less than you may think. As always, Anaconda offers a range of gazebos and associated products, so you can tailor your purchase to suit your exacting needs. Our gazebo accessories are equally appealing, and include innovative solutions such as:

  • Dune 4WD Quickstop awning for your car
  • Coleman Event 14 Sunshade
  • Spinifex Dining Canopy
  • OZtrail 4-Sided Campfire Windshield
  • Dune Deluxe RV Shade

A gazebo dramatically increases roof space when erected next to a tent or car, allowing travellers to relax and stretch in waterproof comfort. Buy an Anaconda gazebo and breathe easily next time you are stranded under the harsh Australian sun and give yourself more room to move.

Who sells gazebos?

Camping and outdoor gear is a specialist field and the best gazebos are stocked by reputable retailers. It is possible to purchase a gazebo cheaply at a warehouse style department store, although the options available are usually limited to cheaper models and unknown brands. Your investigation of appropriate gazebos should include the products offered by Anaconda, Australia’s most trusted outdoor and camping specialist.

When purchasing from Anaconda, you will receive the best advice, guidance and information available. We are happy to assist with your purchasing decision, and provide gazebos, screens and shades that are adaptable, hard wearing, and constructed using the highest manufacturing standards. At Anaconda, we are proud of our gazebo options, and the uptake of high-quality Anaconda gazebos is proof that our products tick the right boxes with Australian consumers.

How to clean a gazebo?

Your gazebo will remain in good working order and condition as long as basic care is undertaken. This includes ensuring the gazebo canopy is clean and dry when packing it away. If you pack up in a hurry due to rain, don’t forget to dry and air the gazebo out at the earliest opportunity to avoid mould or rust.

For general cleaning of the canopy or walls it’s best to use warm soapy water, mild environmentally-friendly detergent and a soft scrubbing brush. Do not use a pressure washer or steam cleaner as the pop-up gazebo material can be affected and water and UV protection compromised. The gazebo canopy and walls are not generally machine washable.

Where to buy gazebo covers?

An exploration of Anaconda gazebos, screens, shades, tents and other camping gear is certain to get your ideas flowing. Every Anaconda product and accessory is purposefully designed, including replacement parts such as gazebo covers and side walls. All the best Anaconda products are covered by warranty, and in the event of something being damaged or broken, we are the spare parts specialists ready to respond.

Anaconda is fast becoming an Australian institution with international reach, allowing us to provide you with the best products and replacement parts when you need them. We have established ongoing relationships with the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers, resulting in the best possible price every time. If you are organising a small garden party or a major mega-party, check out the unlimited ways Anaconda can improve your experience.

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