The Top 5 Puffer Jacket Styles For This Season

The Top 5 Puffer Jacket Styles For This Season

Australia might not get as cold as places like Canada, Russia, China and Alaska, but our winters can be just as harsh in their own way.

To stay warm in the winter months and the colder parts of autumn and spring - especially in the southern half of the country - we Aussies need clothing that's tough enough to keep us dry when the rains hit, and ensure we stay warm when the icy winds whip up off the Antarctic.

Our guide to this season's top five puffer jacket styles combines functionality with contemporary chic. So, whether you're camping, hiking, catching up with family and friends, supervising a playdate, cheering on your team at the footy, or just revelling in the calm and beauty of the outdoors, you'll look great while staying super snug and as comfortable as possible.

What to Look For in a Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets keep their wearer warm by trapping body heat and allowing moisture and sweat to escape easily.

They're made primarily from responsibly sourced goose or duck feathers and down, but there is also a wide selection of puffer jackets that come filled with polyester and recycled synthetic materials if you don't want to wear clothing derived from animal products. As well as for ethical reasons, some people find synthetic insulation less bulky than feather and down, making them really popular with those who need a good range of movement but don't want to compromise on warmth.

Puffer jackets come with a fill power and fill weight rating. Fill power indicates the volume of down within the jacket and its effectiveness at trapping air (quality), whereas fill weight indicates the weight of the fill (quantity).

In simple terms, the higher the fill power, the warmer your puffer jacket will be, while the fill weight dictates the weight of the jacket. For example, if you're looking for something that's going to keep you warm on the coldest of days, then high power and high fill will serve you well. Likewise, if you're hiking in colder climates and want to minimise the weight of your pack, look for a jacket that has a high power and low fill ratio.

You can find the fill power on the manufacturer's care instructions or sales tag.

The Top Five Puffer Jackets For Winter

So we have broken down the top 5 puffer jacket types for you this winter season so you can ensure that you're covered. There are many puffer jacket styles to choose from so depending on your needs, choose the best options for you. We will cover the top five puffer jacket styles this season including:

  • Waterproof puffer jackets
  • Lightweight hiking puffer jackets
  • Snow puffer jackets
  • Longline puffer jackets
  • Puffer vests

Read more below on our top picks for puffer jackets this winter!

Something For the Wet: Waterproof Puffer Jackets

Waterproof Puffer Jackets

Not all puffer jackets are waterproof, so if you need something that will keep you dry in the wet, make sure you select a jacket that's designed to withstand water. In many instances, waterproof jackets are the best option for wet and windy conditions.

Waterproof jackets are made from specialised fabric technology that is designed to keep water from penetrating the outer shell of the jacket and keep the clothes you're wearing underneath dry. Additionally, they're highly breathable, with plenty of zippers in areas of the jackets that act as vents, allowing just enough body heat to escape so you don't sweat too much.

These types of jackets are also highly wind-resistant. Adjustable wrist and hem cuffs are fantastic for keeping the cold winds at bay and ensuring you stay warm in even the coldest of conditions.

Look for jackets that are lightweight and easy to store away when space in your pack is at a premium, and ones that will serve you well when the forecast suggests variable weather conditions.

Benefits of waterproof puffer jackets:

  • Keeps you dry in wet and rainy conditions
  • Usually have a hood for extra protection
  • Great for layering thermals and mid layers underneath
  • Optimal warmth and protection from the rain and wind

Our top picks for waterproof puffer jackets:

Something Lightweight: Hiking Puffer Jackets

Hiking Puffer Jackets

Lightweight puffer jackets are a must-have for the season because of their versatility and style. Equally as functional on workdays as they are on the weekend, lightweight puffer jackets do an incomparable job of keeping you warm in cold weather without sacrificing comfort and movement.

Lightweight puffers are ideal for winter hikes and other outdoor activities in the colder months. Not only do they help keep you warm, they offer excellent wind resistance and pack down small enough to give you plenty of space in your daypack for the other essentials without weighing you down.

Choose lightweight puffer jackets with tough zippers and plenty of convenient zips and pockets for carrying around bits & bobs like your phones, keys, wallets and purses for weekend catch-ups with friends and family, trips to the footy or overnight stays in the country.

Benefits of lightweight puffer jackets:

  • Keeps the cold out without being too heavy
  • Packable and great for travelling
  • Great variety available
  • Fashionable and easy to style
  • Versatile layering options for different weather conditions

Our top picks for light-weight puffer jackets:

Something For the Slopes: Snow Puffer Jackets

Snow Puffer Jackets

Seriously cold conditions need a serious jacket. If you're heading to the snow, any old puffer jacket won't do - you need to have a purpose-designed puffer jacket in your collection to cope with the unique demands of staying warm when you're skiing, snowboarding or cross-country hiking and camping.

Search for a snow jacket that's got a high water resistance rating but also offers breathability and comes with critically taped seams. A critically taped - or full taped - seam means the clothing is seam sealed in the places where you're most likely to get the elements coming through. Consequently, this will give you greater protection against water getting in, and maximise your comfort.

The length of the jacket comes down to personal preference but, generally speaking, the longer the length, the warmer you're likely to be. For the more active snow pursuits, jackets that stretch, or have scope to allow ease of movement, are preferable over others.

Like any good jacket, lots of pockets will make it easy to keep track of valuables like car keys, credit cards and cash, mobile phone, room keys and lift passes.

Benefits of snow puffer jackets:

  • Keeps the cold out without being too heavy
  • Waterproof and extremely warm
  • Designed for harsh weather conditions
  • Fashionable options for your taste
  • Perfect for very cold and snow climates

Our top picks for snow puffer jackets:

Something with Extra Length: Longline Vests and Puffer Jackets

Longline Puffer Jackets

Similar to lightweight puffer jackets, longline and vest puffer jackets make the cut for their versatility and style.

Longline puffer jackets are available in an assorted range of colours and fill ratios, making them ideal for staying toasty warm while supervising the kids at playdates, walking the dog, casual catch-ups with friends, a day at the snowfields or cheering little athletes from the sidelines at the footy or soccer. They also pack away easily when not in use.

'V' is for vest - and it's also for versatile. Hoodies under a puffer vest (regardless of age or gender) are a fashionable way to layer your clothes and maximise your comfort levels in the cold weather. Pop on a coordinated shirt and v-neck jumper under a navy or black vest to add a touch of style and class for meeting the 'smart casual' dress code for after match drinks or dinner.

You'll be grateful you invested in a longline puffer when sitting around the campfire in the evening after a day's hiking or camping. Experienced campers consider a vest essential for Easter camping clothing when the weather can be a bit milder than in the depths of winter.

Benefits of longline puffer jackets:

  • Extra coverage for optimal warmth
  • A stylish choice for travelling and everyday wear
  • Great for camping and hiking in windy harsh conditions
  • Matches different outfits including activewear and corporate wear

Our top picks for longline puffer jackets:

Something For Travel: Puffer Vests

Puffer Vests

While puffer jackets are pretty ubiquitous in winter, we still get a little kick out of seeing first-time buyers realising how easy they are to store when they're not in use. Far from taking up lots of space in your wardrobe, puffer jackets are designed to fold down into a small pillow-sized package or small rolls, just like a tiny sleeping bag. This also makes them fantastic travel companions.

If space is at a premium for you, then look for puffers that are designed to fold away into one of their own pockets, which many of the leading brands have as a standard design feature.

If sustainability is equally important to you, there's no shortage of compact puffer jackets and vests that are made from recycled materials. So, not only do these compact jackets make it simple to stay warm and dry while exploring the great Australian outdoors, they're easy on the environment and don't come at the expense of our animal friends.

Benefits of puffer vests:

  • Warm without being bulky on the arms
  • Great for layering sweatshirts and hoodies underneath
  • Fashionable and versatile styling options
  • Different warmth and thickness levels available for different weather conditions
  • Packable for travelling

Our top picks for puffer vests:

Get Ready for the Cold Weather With the Top Puffer Jacket Styles From Anaconda

Puffer jackets and the Australian winter go hand-in-hand, but they're just as useful in the colder parts of the country during autumn and spring. The five puffer jacket styles we've chosen for you are guaranteed to keep you warm and dry across a number of weather conditions, and - with their contemporary designs and colours - you'll look stylish too. Trust us, because a high-quality puffer jacket, fit for purpose, is sure to be your favourite purchase this season. You can shop all your winter clothing needs online and in-store at Anaconda, shop quality men's puffer jackets, kids puffer jackets and women's puffer jackets from leading brands including Cederberg, The North Face, Cape, Mountain Designs and more. You'll love the variety of styles and brands available!

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