Snow Gear For Kids on the Slopes This Winter

Snow Gear For Kids on the Slopes This Winter

A big part of having fun in the snow involves making sure you're wearing the right clothing for the conditions, so you're not uncomfortable or at risk of freezing. It's also important to use equipment and accessories that are specifically designed to function at their best in snowy weather and other alpine environments. This applies for adults… and kids.

When it comes to kids, the smaller humans don't need to miss out - there are lots of snazzy, kid-friendly options to choose from, which can make landing on a decision confusing at times. Where do you start? How do you get something the kids will love that is also functional and protective?

In the following guide, we provide some hints and tips about getting the right snow gear for young adventurers so you can gear them up for a fantastic snow season ahead.


Kids Snow Jackets

There is a wide range of ski jackets available for kids, so understanding what kind of breathability and waterproofing ratings will best suit your children, and the conditions you'll be in, is a good start.

If you're an infrequent visitor to the snow, a kids' snow jacket that will serve them well back home, as well as on the ski fields, is great value for money. If you're a regular snow bunny, then something purpose-designed for snow action for boys and girls will prove to be excellent value.

Keep an eye out for 'hidden' jacket extras like powder skirts (an extra layer of fabric around the hem to help keep snow out), utility pockets (for storing smartphones, lift passes and other valuables), chin protectors, removable hoods and adjustable wrist cuffs for added comfort.


Kids Snow Pants

Like ski jackets, factors such as comfort, waterproofing and breathability should be a priority when looking for kids' ski pants.

Check to see if the pants you select allow plenty of flexibility and movement while kids are enjoying the snow. Look for added extras like fully taped seams (meaning ALL the seams in the pants - and jackets too) have been both taped and stitched, which improves the waterproofing.

You'll often come across garments described as having 'critically taped seams', which means only the main seams - like the neck, shoulders and hood - have a taped seam.


Kids Snow Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a great idea for skiing because of their versatility and their capacity to keep the younger snow lovers warm and dry, with fewer seams or separates for letting the elements creep in. They're also a great cost-effective, all-in-one introductory solution for families new to the snowfields.

While there are jumpsuits for snow lovers of all ages, they're ideal for younger kids and toddlers and infants who may wriggle out of their separates and expose delicate skin to the harsh conditions.


Layering is an essential part of staying warm in the snow, and quality kids' thermals are the foundation for avoiding that less than ideal situation of feeling uncomfortably sweaty and damp under your outerwear.

Thermal tops and bottoms offer fast moisture wicking capabilities to help keep you dry but also assist in retaining all-important body heat, so they should fit your body like a glove.

For your thermals to be effective, ensure you choose the right size, and never use cotton as a thermal base layer. Once cotton gets wet, it stays wet!

Snow Boots

It goes without saying, you need to choose kids' snow boots that are created to withstand the conditions. That way, the kids will be waterproof and have breathability , and they'll also have the proper foot support and supply information about their temperature rating (i.e. how warm the boots will be, and for how long, while you're in the snow).

Kids' Snow Gear Accessories

Now that you're kitted up with the snow clothing essentials, here's some extra stuff that will make a world of difference to your kids' winter wonderland experience.


Kids Snow Gloves

Snow gloves are no different from other kids' snow gear. Good gloves should be waterproof and breathable and allow enough flex for kids to do pretty much whatever they want!

Fleece gloves and wool mittens will be okay for light snow play but, if you're on a day trip or an extended stay in the snow, you'll need more durable purpose-designed kids' snow gloves and snow mittens (must admit, we're really loving the kids' snow gloves with nose wipes on the thumbs!).


Kids Snow Beanies

Wearing a beanie in the snow is essential for keeping kids warm and dry and, at the more extreme end of things, protecting the little nippers from potential frostbite on the head, neck and ears.


Kids Snow Goggles

Having eye protection in the outdoors is a must, and the snow fields are no exception. Goggles help protect your kids' eyes from overexposure to UV light - which is really intense in reflective white, snowy landscapes - and keep the snow out of their eyes when they're rocketing down the slopes on their toboggan, skis or snowboard.


Kids Snow Socks

Like thermals, avoid the temptation to get the kids cotton socks for the snow. When cotton becomes wet, it stays wet and turns cold. Socks made from materials like merino wool, and synthetics like polyester and nylon, will do a much more effective job and provide greater value for money when it comes snow socks.

And then the icing on the snow cake

All this clothing and gear talk might sound a little dry and practical, but you're going to the snow to have fun, and there are some terrific playthings that will make it even more fun for your kids.


Kids Snow Toboggans

Tobogganing is a great way to enjoy the snow without spending a fortune on skis or a snowboard, and then the associated poles and binders. Sturdy, yet lightweight, and made from 100% recycled materials, toboggans are perfect for kids of all ages - and, naturally, kids at heart.

Snowball Makers

Kids Snowball Makers

When a snowball fight breaks out, you need to be ready to respond. Don't get mad, get even with a snowball maker!

All jokes aside, our snowball maker is made from 100% recycled materials, and small and light enough for kids of all ages. It's great for helping the younger ones develop dexterity and protect their hands from the freezing snow, while the bigger kids - and Mum and Dad - will have hours of fun preparing for an epic snowball fight!

In Conclusion

Kids Snow Gear

Part of enjoying the snow to the fullest is having the right gear. When it comes to kids' snow gear, you don't have to spend a king's ransom to ensure they're properly equipped for staying warm and dry on the slopes.

There might be a bit to think through, but - trust us - you'll find the prep time for your gear will pay off in the end.

Want to ensure the entire family is properly prepared for the snow? Read our snow essentials checklist.




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