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Are you just starting out with fishing? Want to acquire more knowledge on how to catch the best fish? Or do you simply need information on bait, rods, and knots? No matter the information you require, you can undoubtedly find it in the fishing books & guides section at Anaconda. In the fishing books & guides section, avid fishermen and women can find a collection of interesting fishing guides and informative books. Even experienced fishermen and women will find something useful here, so our catalogue is truly a treasure trove for fishing lovers!

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What Are The Essential Fishing Tools For New Anglers?

When you are a new angler, it can be difficult to determine which tools you need. Fortunately, you can count on Anaconda and a full guide to the essential tools you will require. If you are unsure which tools you require, be sure to check out our amazing overview below.

What Is The First Essential Tool I Need As A New Angler?

The first tool you require is also the most essential, more specifically a decent fishing rod and reel. Naturally, certain rods and reels are more difficult to work with than others. So, it is important to determine which type of rod and reel will be best for your skill level.

One of the best options for beginners is the so-called spincast rod and reel. The spincast rod and reel requires less manipulation and technique, so it allows you to start developing your skills as an angler.

What Is The Second Essential Tool I Need As A New Angler?

New anglers will also need a good fishing line. In most cases, it can be advantageous to have a selection of different lines, as it is likely you will tackle different waters and will need a variety of lines.

Fishing lines are available in different weights and strengths. They also have additional qualities that must be considered, this includes their elasticity and their versatility. As a beginner, most of these things will not mean much to you yet. However, once you have been fishing for a while, you will become quite proficient at picking out the perfect line.

What Is The Third Essential Tool I Need As A New Angler?

Anglers will need a selection of hooks for their fishing trip. It is not enough to just buy a single hook, because some hooks might end up in the fish's body, which means you won't be able to continue fishing if you do not have any extra hooks on hand.

When you have a look at the fishing hooks available today, you will quickly notice that they come in many different sizes and even different designs. Some have a basic hook shape, while others have a circle shape. Overall, you want to obtain a variety of sizes and designs to cater to different fishing situations.

What Is The Fourth Essential Tool I Need As A New Angler?

Bait is certainly something you will need as well. Even if you have never fished before, you undoubtedly know that different types of bait are used to catch different types of fish. Since there are so many baits to remember, it can be a good idea to buy a book that has an overview with the types of bait that work for specific fish.

Live bait tends to be the best option for fishing, this can be simple worms from your backyard to insects. You can also use some bait from Anaconda, which eliminates the need to dig up worms before your fishing trip.

What Is The Fifth Essential Tool I Need As A New Angler?

Another important part of your starter kit will be a large selection of lures. These are used to attract a variety of fish, so these lures can be of different sizes and weights. Naturally, the weight can determine how deep a lure goes into the water. As a result, it can attract different fish who hunt there.

The colours and the coating of your lures are important, so they are not just for decoration. A reflective coating is brilliant for lures who tend to be closer to the surface, as it reacts with the sunlight. Since lures can have many different purposes, a variety of them will always be best.

Buying Your Tools And Guides From Anaconda

When you need fishing tools or even some guides to fishing, you can always count on Anaconda. We provide the best prices on guides and tools, this includes all the tools we mentioned above and so much more. If you want to discover the amazing prices that we provide on all the tools and the guides, be sure to check out our entire catalogue. We are sure you will get the best price on your fishing starting kit.



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