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Anaconda offers an extensive range of quality + affordable cookware and utensils for your camping needs! Experience the product range by browsing online today!

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Can I purchase camping cookware and utensils at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! With a large range of camping cookware and utensils, Anaconda offers everything you could need to make delicious meals for your next hiking, trekking or camping trip. With everything from can openers to complete cookware sets, this range has something for everyone. The range also includes storage, knives and picnic essentials, as well as sturdy egg carriers to stop your eggs from breaking in transit.

Does the range include kettles?

You'll be able to make your favourite tea or coffee with our range of camping kettles, which include enamel, stainless steel, whistling kettles and dual-voltage travel kettles as well as various billy kettles. The aluminium billy kettle weighs just 310 grams, which makes it ideal for walking or cycling holidays. If space is at a premium, why not try the pop-up kettle, with a unique design that collapses and expands in seconds, and packs down to just 5cm in height for storage in small spaces. Coffee percolators are also included in the range, for those who need their caffeine fix.

What about pots and pans?

Choose from lightweight billycans, co-ordinated enamel camp cooking sets, stainless steel pans, non-stick frying pans and more. All are designed to be lightweight, space-saving and durable, so you can prepare a one-pot meal or go for a three-course meal option, with the many different sizes and brands on offer here at Anaconda. You can even make the perfect slice of toast with the various camp toasters available, designed to work on gas cookers or open fires.

Which types of utensils are included in the range?

With campfires and BBQ's in mind, you'll find a range of long-handled utensils from toasting forks to tongs, as well as handy wire holders for burgers and fish. Grilling can be made easier with the various campfire grills, allowing you to grill food over an open fire, and there is even a complete BBQ set complete with oven mit in its own handy carry case. Can openers, folding scissors and cutlery sets are also included in the range.

What else do you recommend from the cookware and utensils range?

A great favourite with campers, enamel is extremely tough but lightweight and has any uses. The Spinifex enamel bowl set from Anaconda is made up of five different sized bowls with lids and will hold all your food supplies or leftovers in style. Another favourite is the Sea To Summit Kitchen Kit, which comprises plastic bottles, clothes pins, scrubbing sponge, mini towel, can opener, cutting board, whisk and cheese grater.



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