Bushtracks manufactures tough camping and survival gear designed for Australian conditions. Check out the Anaconda Bushtracks range for a truly self-sufficient outback experience.

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Australian camping gear and accessories can be tailored to suit your preferences. After all, Australia is a huge and diverse country with unlimited opportunities for new experiences, and stamping your own style on proceedings will improve all-round comfort and safety. It's important however, to choose name-brand outdoor products for additional peace of mind. Bushtracks delivers hard wearing and durable equipment that meets all requirements and allows you to push on and explore the terrain.

Bushtracks have hit upon a great idea with their Combat Survival Kit. Small, lightweight and portable, this kit covers a lot of survivalist situations with features that include fire starter, a snap-lock knife, wire saw, candle, sewing kit, fishing kit, whistle, pencil, mirror and more. Stay safe with Bushtracks, the Anaconda way. Combat Kit accessories are securely stored in their own waterproof snap-close box, ready to be used whenever required.

Your personal carry-on camping equipment can also include a Bushtracks Entrenching Tool with Pick for performing lots of jobs around the campsite. Made from hardened steel, and foldable for convenient portability, the entrenching tool is a prospectors best friend, and one worth carrying with you in your vehicle. Survivalists, campers, outdoors enthusiasts and the military all appreciate a quality entrenching tool with pick attachment.

There are some pieces of equipment that will make all the difference to your outdoor experience. If you are searching for elusive gold, a Bushtracks 14-inch Gold Pan will assist your search. This lightweight plastic pan is simple to use and includes gravity trap ribs that help sort and collect gold. Bushtracks are all about capturing the essence of the Australian experience, and gold prospecting continues to play a major role in Australian exploration.

Camping convenience can include a Bushtracks Duffle Gear Bag with full length zipper for fast access. Simply attach the zipper ends to convenient D rings for secure storage of all your belongings while on the road or at your campsite. Made from 100% toughly-woven cotton, the Bushtracks Duffle Gear bag is lighter to carry and faster to dry if you get caught in a shower. Convenient side and end hand-holds provide versatile carrying options, and storage is a breeze thanks to the iconic duffle shape and design.

No matter where you are staying, there is no alternative to a genuine water bottle for keeping pristine drinking water fresh and cold. The Bushtracks Water Bottle is the genuine heavy-duty article, featuring a felt lining, 2 plastic belt clips and classic camouflage design pattern. A portable and accessible water supply is essential for campers and hikers in Australia, and with a Bushtracks Water Bottle on your side, it will be possible to plan your hike and move forward with confidence. Remember to always check with the ranger or other local expert if you are unsure about the availability of drinking water on your trek. If given the all clear, a Bushtracks water bottle is the cost-effective way to ensure your thirst is always well quenched.

Bushtracks are faithful to the systems that work in the Australian bush. That's why so many of the products are in demand. The Anaconda range contains the best of Bushtracks, allowing customers to purchase with confidence anywhere in Australia. The Anaconda network of outdoors stores is matched by equally impressive online service. We believe in the best of both worlds, where customers can purchase with the click of a mouse, or test out anything in-store.

Anaconda is dedicated to providing the best possible range of camping, hiking and outdoor apparel and equipment. For more advice and inspiration regarding Bushtracks and other iconic manufacturers, check out the products online of speak to an Anaconda expert today.



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