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Did you know that fleece is lightweight, breathable and extremely versatile? This man-made material is warm, quick-drying, soft and easy to care for. Our range of fleece clothing is perfect for both leisure and sports attire, either on its own or as a lining inside jackets. Perfect for all types of weather, our range of fleece clothing will keep you protected and warm.

Anaconda's extensive range of fleece-lined jackets and vests is available in sizes for men, women and children, and is complemented by other fleece items such as tops, pants, gloves, hats and headbands which are perfect for the colder months and skiing trips.

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Can I buy fleeces at Anaconda?

Anyone who is serious about the great outdoors should make sure that they have a good quality fleece for those cooler days. Our collection of fleeces come in all shapes, sizes and styles, shop now great quality fleeces at Anaconda’s amazing prices.

What is fleece?

Originally developed in 1979 by a company called Malden Mills, the invention of polar fleece was the beginning of the fleece that we all know and love. Most fleeces are made with a manmade synthetic fibre, the ideal material for trapping air around your body and keeping you nice and toasty. This is an insulating material that is made using hydrophobic fibres, meaning that, although a fleece is not waterproof, it will repel water, will not get heavy when wet, and will still keep you warm. A fleece is a versatile piece of clothing that it is a staple piece of most people’s wardrobe.

How do I choose the right fleece for me?

Choosing the right fleece for you depends on what you will be doing when you are wearing it, knowing that will help you to find the perfect fleece that provides the protection, warmth and features that you are likely to require. Here at Anaconda, we have a wide range of different fleeces for you to choose from and they are all available at our great value prices.

What types of fleece are available?

Microfleece: A microfleece is an ultra-lightweight fleece that provides a little bit of warmth and the highest breathability. These fleeces allow for greater flexibility and movement and are ideal for use under a rain jacket on those drizzly days; as they can help to absorb the moisture without reducing your body temperature.

Mid-Weight Fleece: A mid-weight fleece is a good all-rounder, much warmer than a lightweight fleece and still more comfortable and breathable than something heavier. Any fleece between 200 and 3000 gsm is considered to be a mid-weight fleece, and this can work as an effective outer layer on those cold but dry days.

Heavyweight fleece: A heavyweight fleece is at the top of the range, and includes any fleece that has a gsm rating of 300 or more. This fleece is perfect for those cold arctic conditions or as a great outer layer in cold weather. However, it is heavier and bulkier than over types, and may not be suitable for doing physical activity in.

What do the different features of a fleece mean?

Anti-pill: If a fleece states that it is anti-pill, this means that it has been treated to prevent little balls, or pills, of thread appearing on the surface, keeping your item of clothing bobble free.

Waterproof: Fleeces are designed to keep you warm and toasty and should not be relied on for keeping you dry in heavy rain. However, some of our fleeces do have a showerproof membrane, which will help to keep you warm and dry in lighter showers.

Windproof: A windproof membrane in the inner lining of the fleece will stop the wind from penetrating the item, keeping you even warmer with the need for fewer layers.

Hoods: Whether or not you desire a hood on your fleece is up to you. However, if you are not sure, consider a fleece jacket with an adjustable or removable hood and get the best of both worlds.

Collars and Cuffs: Cold air can seep into open collars and cuffs on your jacket, and if you plan on wearing it in colder climates, you should consider a fleece that has elastic wrists and a collar or extra lining around the neck.

Zippers or pullover: Whether you are looking for a zipped up fleece or a pullover depends on personal preference. Being able to undo a zipper on a fleece jacket will help you to cool down quickly, and this type is perfect for layering. A pullover eliminates any potential problems with a zipper and can be more insulating, keeping you warm and toasty.

Pockets: Everybody loves pockets, and in our collection of fleece jackets here at Anaconda, you will find all the different pockets for whatever you wish to carry.

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