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Why Choose Fleece Clothing? Find The Answer At Anaconda!

Fleece is a material with countless benefits, which is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice in clothing. Fleece clothing can be found around the world and is often an alternative for wool. However, not everyone is familiar with the benefits of the material, nor do they know what fleece really is. If you are unfamiliar with fleece and some of its properties, be sure to read the information below.

What Is Fleece Material?

Looking at fleece, you would believe the material has been obtained from a sheep. However, fleece is not a natural fibre. It is a synthetic material that feels the same as wool or the softest cotton.

Fleece fibres are commonly used to make outerwear fabric. The material is quite warm as well as breathable, this makes fleece extremely suitable for winter sport clothing such as skiing and snowboarding. Of course, it also makes an excellent winter jacket.

What Is Fleece Really Made Of?

As we mentioned earlier, fleece fibres are not natural. They are made completely from synthetic materials, but still mimic some of the properties associated with wool and cotton.

Most fleece fabrics are made from polyester, this is actually a material that comes from plastic. Once the polyester fibres are obtained, they are then woven into fabric. To make the material softer, manufacturers will also brush the fabric fibres during the production process.

Please note that some manufacturers can include natural fabric fibres during the fleece production process, this will alter the initial texture and the lustre of the fabric. Therefore, some fleece fabrics will contain some percentage of rayon, wool, and similar natural fibres.

What Are The Properties Of Fleece Fabric?

Fleece is a material that is commonly associated with keeping warm, so the material is quite commonly used in outdoor clothing. Fleece is also associated with a pile surface because of the brushing during the production process, this enables the fabric to hold onto warm pockets of air in the material itself.

Some people think that fleece may not be as suitable for humid weather conditions. This is not the case, because fleece is indeed resistant against moisture. It also means that fleece is suitable for extremely cold weather conditions. It can also be layered with other materials for a combined effect. For example, fleece can be worn as a base and covered with waterproof jackets for additional rain protection.

Is Fleece A Suitable Material For Activewear?

One of the most common applications for fleece is activewear, this since the material has moisture-wicking capabilities and excellent breathability. When being active in cold weather, fleece will keep any moisture away from your body. However, it can also evacuate sweat because of its breathability.

Is Fleece A Better Material Than Wool?

Not necessarily. Each material has its benefits, so it is often down to the consumer to determine which material is more beneficial for them. Below, we have lined up the benefits of wool and the benefits of fleece, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Benefits of fleece - fleece is softer than wool when touched, which could prove beneficial for people who find wool too itchy. Fleece is also a lightweight material, which makes it feel less cumbersome when you are being active. On the downside, fleece can create static, this means it could attract some unwanted pet hairs and lint.

Benefits of wool - like fleece, wool is a breathable material. It is also considered environmentally-friendly, as this is a natural material obtained from sheep. Wool has also shown to have antibacterial properties and has a resistance to dust mites. However, wool is an insulating material, even when it gets wet. Naturally, this could mean that wool could have some problems evacuating sweat during outdoor activities. That being said, the material will keep you warm.

Fleece Clothing Available At Anaconda

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