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Cover up and add a new stunning look to your style with Anaconda's range of jackets and outerwear! We have a beautiful selection of down insulated, fleece, pullovers, rainwear, soft shells and vests for you to choose from, surely will tickle you fancy! Check out our great range and get yours today

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What kind of Jackets and Outerwear can I buy from Anaconda?

Anaconda offers a wide variety of jackets and outerwear to help keep you warm and dry in any situation. We have casual jackets, hoodies, vests and fleece tops to keep you warm in the winter, as well as insulated snow jackets for skiing and mountain climbing. We also offer lightweight waterproof rain jackets that will keep you dry in the rain.

Anaconda sells jackets and outerwear for men, women and children, and offers a complete range of sizes, so you'll be able to find something for everyone in the family. We offer product lines from dozens of top outdoor recreation brands such as The North Face, Columbia, Helly Hansen, XTM, Nike and Adidas, among many others, so you're sure to get great quality for your money.

Why do I need different kinds of Jackets and Outerwear?

A stylish jacket, vest or hoodie may be all you need for going outside when the weather gets cold, but when you're exposed to extreme conditions, you'll need something with more insulation and better engineered features.

Jackets and outerwear specifically designed for snowy and below zero temperatures have many layers of thick insulation. The outer materials are waterproof and are seam sealed to keep moisture out which keeps you dry and much warmer. All openings like in the neck and in the arms also use more materials to help you cover up better and prevent too much outside air from cooling you down past all the insulation.

If you have to go out in heavy rain, a rain jacket keeps you and your clothes from getting fully soaked. Rain jackets don't offer much insulation, but are more lightweight so you can still move freely even if it's pouring outside.

How do I adjust the level of insulation my clothes provide?

Wearing multiple layers of insulation will keep you just as warm as wearing a single thick layer. You can put on more layers as it gets colder, and you can take off layers as it gets warmer.

Wearing a thermal base layer under a zip up fleece top or a down jacket can keep you comfortably warm in most situations. But if the temperature continues to drop or the snow starts falling and you're stuck outside, you'll need to put on an outer layer or soft shell jacket to protect you from the wet, wind and cold.

What other clothes and gear do I need to keep warm in cold climates?

Aside from jackets and outer layers, you'll also need to wear thermal base layers and snow pants to keep your lower extremities warm. You'll also need boots, gloves, beanies and goggles to keep every inch of your body well protected from the biting cold.

You can find all the cold weather gear you'll need by checking out the different Snow Apparel and Thermals categories in Anaconda's Clothing section.



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