Family snow holiday - 4 tips for snow newbies

Family snow holiday - 4 tips for snow newbies

A holiday to the snow is great for families of any size and age. If you're planning on venturing to one of our many ski resorts in the not too distant future, here are some tips on what to take with you when heading up the mountain as well as some activities to keep in mind on your visit that are sure to elevate your experience.

Dress Smart

What you wear to the snow will have a huge impact on your enjoyment levels There is nothing worse than being cold and wet. Important basics to wear are thermal tops, socks, beanies and gloves. Be sure that your ski jackets & pants are suitably waterproofed to protect those all-important under garments.

Look out for jackets that have built in ski pass holders to ensure no family member loses their pass.

Expert tip: Pack a spare pair of dry clothes in the car for the trip home so you are clean and dry for the journey.

Family Snow Holiday

Helmets Are Key

Protect yourself and your family from serious injury and make sure they wear a helmet at all times when in the snow. You will find that they are compulsory at most mountains for children so make sure you pick one up before getting on the slopes. Lightweight, durable helmets that still give you the freedom to move easily are your best bet.

Ski School

If this is your first trip to the snow - book a ski or snowboarding lesson. This is a great way to get a grip on the basics so you can give it a go with relative confidence. Most resorts offer great packages and lessons for all ages and levels!

Planning The Perfect Snow Holiday For Your Family

Be Sun Smart

Don't be fooled by the chill in the air and the subzero temperatures, you can still get very sunburnt on account of the UV rays bouncing straight off the snow and onto your exposed skin. Don't forget to pack lip balm, plenty of sunscreen and invest in some 100% UV protected snow goggles to ensure you are protected from the elements.




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