How To Be Self Sufficient When Camping Off The Grid

How To Be Self Sufficient When Camping Off The Grid

For a growing number of outdoor enthusiasts, going bush is fast increasing in popularity. A truly immersive experience, going off-the-grid can take you well beyond that of the standard camp ground. And, though there may not be access to amenities, being fully self-sufficient when camping doesn't necessarily involve compromising any of modern life's comforts.

Following are some of the simple and cost-efficient energy, bathroom and kitchen alternatives you can take advantage of and still enjoy the authenticity of self-sufficient camping.

Portable Energy Sources

Portable Energy Sources For Camping

A portable power source gives you the freedom to camp anywhere (within regulations, of course). Such is their popularity, you can choose from a range of units small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack for mobile phone charging (power banks), or units capable of running a fridge, lighting and device chargers (Portable 12v battery boxs).

Portable energy sources extend through to generators capable of powering lights, appliances, heating & cooling equipment, mobile phones, laptops and tablet devices so you don't have to sacrifice the mod-cons that make life off the beaten track that little bit nicer. There's also a range of solar energy options.

When looking at portable power sources, take some time to think about what you'll be powering: Lights? Cooking appliances? Tools? Fridge? All of these? The more accessories you have, the more power you'll need.

Additionally, consider how much room you'll have available for packing your power source, especially if you're bringing a generator with you. Given your vehicles will be packed with the rest of your camping gear - make sure you have sufficient storage space to transport everything with you including the campers themselves.

Have a think about how long you plan to be away, and whether having your own power source is something you'll use on an ongoing basis. Talk to our camping and outdoor adventure experts - they'll match you with the right power supply.

Portable Showers & Toilets

Apart from the obvious purposes, it's worthwhile considering what your portable shower and toilet needs are: Will you have access to a water supply? Even though shared facilities are a no-no, will you be able to collect water when you arrive at your campsite, or will you need to bring water with you? if bringing water with you, how will that impact the storage space in your vehicle?

Furthermore, how many people are in your group? How long will you be away? What kind of privacy will you need? Does the campsite even allow portable showers and toilets?

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets collect your waste without damaging the environment. They range from a simple bucket and bag through to chemical toilets that are hygienically clean and break down waste at the same time.

The more basic the unit, the more 'rustic' your experience will be. On the flipside, there's a range of clever accessories that do a great job of eliminating odours and breaking down your solid waste to a gel-like substance when it comes time to empty the potty - that's a great alternative if a larger chemical, flushing toilet isn't an option.

Portable toilets come in a range of capacities and sizes, the smaller capacity toilets are lower in height allowing them to fit into tighter spaces while the lager capacity toilets have a higher seating height like home Keep in mind, the smaller the toilet, the more often it needs to be emptied - although this can be a great tactic for keeping the kids in line ("Any shenanigans, and you're on toilet cleaning duty!").

Portable Showers

The majority of portable shower options involve a soft bladder or plastic container, with a showerhead to spray the water on you. For the outdoor shower 'enthusiast', there are even options that can control the water temperature and pressure. The bigger the water capacity, the heavier it will be but, conversely, the larger the water capacity, the less often it will need to be refilled allowing more shower time.

Again, consider whether you're likely to keep using a portable shower once the restrictions on campsites ease or whether there's something more suited for the shorter term.

Privacy Please!

When it comes to portable showers and toilets, you certainly don't have to compromise on modesty or discretion. Ensuite tents take care of that. Not only can they give you the convenience of having a bathroom close to your tent, they also help keep nasty odours at bay. Double ensuite tents have two separate rooms to keep your shower and toilet separate. Some ensuite tents even come armed with toiletry pockets, a floor mat to help keep your feet clean and hanging devices for your shower head and drying towels.

Cooking Facilities

Make Your Next Camping Experience Unforgettable

The last plank in self-sufficient camping is cooking facilities. Good nutrition is important when you're camping and, even though shared cooking facilities are off-side for the time being, there are some handy options available that will enable you to enjoy tasty and healthy food with a minimum of fuss.

Cookers come in a range of sizes and fuel options including LPG, butane, wood and heat beads. Anaconda also stocks an extensive range of camping-specific cookware and utensils including premium cast iron cooking products, as well as an enticing range of tasty and nutritious dehydrated foods.


The range of facilities you can choose for out bush camping or getting off the grid is extensive, to say the least. With a range of mobile power sources, cooking and showering and toilets available, it's easy to make your next camping experience unforgettable without sacrificing life's little luxuries.




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