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A bimini or boat canopy from Anaconda is a great way to add lightweight sun protection to your boat. Shop our range of boat accessories and give yourself some extra shade and versatility for those long days out on the water.

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What is a Bimini and why do I need one?

A bimini or boat canopy is a collapsible cover supported by a metal frame that can be easily installed on smaller boats. Exposure to the sun can be extreme out on the water with no shade or respite. Bimini tops are a simple, affordable option for creating a deck shade and feature a fabric top with open sides. Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to erect, a bimini is ideal for placing over the top of the boat cockpit, providing protection from the sun while still allowing airflow.

For keen anglers, a bimini, along with a boat seat or pedestal, and essential fit out accessories like an aerator pump and rod holders will help ensure you stay comfortable and your catch stays fresh on those long days out on the water.

How do I install a Bimini or boat canopy?

Bimini tops can be installed in a number of ways, and the best way for you will depend on your boat and the bimini. The simplest bimini tops are anchored at the gunwales and can be adjusted forward and aft. Mounting a bimini is a straightforward process that most boat owners will be able to do themselves. Follow these helpful steps as a general guide:

  • Select the size: The width of the bimini is determined by the distance between the points where the deck hinges will be attached to the sides of the boat. The bimini length and height can be adjusted.
  • Position the top: Get help to hold the fully extended top in position so you can decide where the deck hinges are to be installed. The deck hinges on either side must be exactly opposite each other.
  • Mount the deck hinges: Drill mounting holes, then countersink them and prepare the surrounding surface with sealant before screwing each deck hinge in place.
  • Install the top and eye straps: Bolt the base to the deck hinges and erect the top. Attach the snap-hooks to the eye straps and use the buckles to evenly tighten the bimini top.

Find the Right Biminis, Boat Canopies & Accessories at Anaconda

Anaconda's range of biminis, boat canopies and accessories will help you add that extra level of comfort and protection to your boat. What's more, our range of boat fit out accessories has everything you need to have a fun, safe and successful boating experience next time you head out on the water.

From electrical accessories like marine battery boxes, bilge pumps, aerator pumps & washdown kits, marine switch panels & boat switches and boat lights & navigation lights, to essentials like anchors, ropes & mooring, boat covers, boat seats & pedestals and rod holders & bait boards, Anaconda will help you make the most out of every fishing trip. No matter what kind of fit out you've got in mind, our range of marine accessories will help make it happen.

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