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What type of battery do I need?

Choosing the correct battery for your application is the first consideration. There are several different battery types, each with particular functions and advantages. Two major battery types are 'starter' batteries used to start the engine, and 'deep cycle' batteries that can continue to run lights and powered devices while the boat or vehicle is turned off. You can also consider dual purpose marine batteries that combine both starting and deep cycle applications.

What is the purpose of a battery box?

A battery box is a lightweight but durable carrying case that protects the battery from water, petrol or anything else that could potentially leak into the engine compartment. Battery boxes are generally constructed using heavy-duty polypropylene for a watertight seal. Your battery is a vital engine component that shouldn't' be compromised by water or seepage, making a marine battery box essential in many situations.

What are the features of a battery box?

The most important feature is knowing what size battery your battery box can accommodate. Make sure to double check prior to purchasing to ensure any unique design features will fit. Look for a battery box with locking tabs that secure the lid and keep the elements out, even during foul weather.

A quality Anaconda battery box will resist water, oil, acidity, UV exposure and extreme weather conditions. It should allow adequate ventilation while securing the battery firmly in place. Marine battery boxes are built to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you a good indication of hard-wearing battery box durability.

What is a deep cycle battery?

Deep cycle batteries are reusable energy storage devices that will provide steady power for extended periods of time. A deep cycle battery can be fully discharged and recharged repeatedly. A regular car battery, on the other hand, is mostly designed to provide a burst of high power for starting the car engine, before quickly returning to charging mode. With proper care and charging, a deep cycle battery can last for many years of reliable service.

Deep cycle batteries are of several types, including flooded lead-acid batteries, sealed AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries and sealed gel batteries. You should also understand battery ratings to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Here are a few considerations:

Amp-hours: This is the total amount of chemical energy the battery can store and then release as electricity.

Voltage: This determines the electromotive force and power provided by the battery current.

C-Rating: This rating provides the user with a good indication of battery power use for a variety of applications.

Cycle life: Batteries are sometimes rated by cycle life, or the number of times they can be fully recharged without losing more than 20% power capacity.

What other Anaconda battery accessories should I consider?

Battery boxes are primarily used on boats. For most purposes on dry land, a battery is usually restrained in a battery tray with clamps and brackets that hold the battery firmly in place. Check out specially designed battery trays, battery boxes, battery box strap-down kits and lead or brass battery terminals for optimal power connectivity, all Available at Anaconda online or in-store.

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