What is a bilge pump?

Corrosion and blockages can occur fast in leaky pipelines and broken propulsion systems. Corrosive seawater can also get in during big seas, while storms and rain also take their toll on operating systems. Every small vessel should have at least one bilge pump zone, while it is highly recommended that larger boats have three or four pumps for speedy drainage in dangerous situations.

Although bilge pumps aren't required equipment on all outboard and inboard motor-boats, they are highly recommended. Here are a few bilge pump facts to get you in the picture.

  • Boats are usually fitted with a submersible or centrifugal bilge pump
  • It is a good idea to carry a manual pump also in case of power loss
  • A bilge pump with in-line strainer is less likely to clog
  • Check out the bilge pump capacity suited to your boat
  • Carry a large bucket on board as part of your backup systems

Should I choose a manual or automatic bilge pump?

There are two main options when it comes to electrical bilge pumps: automatic and manual.

Automatic bilge pumps are equipped with a built-in float switch to detect water levels and automatically engage the pump. These are the convenient bilge pump option, and are an essential safety feature of large vessels.

Manual bilge pumps are great for smaller fishing boats, kayaks and recreational vessels. They are easy to install and maintain, with components that are easily removed and replaced. You can also add a float switch to transform a manual bilge pump into an automatic bilge pump.

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