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Introducing our comprehensive range of cutting-edge navigation boat lights and anchor lights, designed to elevate your maritime safety and convenience. Navigation boat lights and anchor lights are indispensable safety features for any vessel, ensuring visibility and signalling intentions on the water. Boat navigation lights, typically red and green on the bow and white on the stern, indicate a boat's direction and size, aiding in avoiding collisions. Meanwhile, anchor lights, usually white and visible from all directions, alert nearby vessels of a boat at rest, preventing accidental encounters. These lights are mandated by maritime regulations, crucially enhancing situational awareness in low visibility conditions and at night. They uphold maritime safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting smooth sailing for all watercraft.

Our LED telescopic lights offer adjustable height and brilliant illumination, ensuring optimal visibility in all conditions. Navigate confidently with our starboard navigation lights, engineered for precision and durability. Enhance versatility with our LED folding light poles, compact yet powerful for efficient use. For hassle-free operation, our battery-powered stern light poles provide reliable performance without the need for wiring. Complete your setup with our boat navigation light switches, facilitating seamless control. Elevate your boating experience with our expertly crafted lights, setting new standards in maritime safety and efficiency. Featuring brands such as Ej Milde and Waterline, shop our entire range of boat navigation lights, anchor lights and more at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Marine Navigation Lights FAQs

Do I need navigation lights on my boat?

It is every boat owner's responsibility to ensure their boat complies with the law. Australian states have jurisdiction over local waterways, so be sure to check with local government and legislative bodies for navigation light laws in your state or territory. If your boat is out on the water between sunset and sunrise, you will definitely need boat lights. Navigation lights keep you, your passengers and other water users safe.

What lights must be displayed on a boat?

Boats must display navigation lights, including red and green lights on the bow (port and starboard), and a white light on the stern. These lights indicate the boat's direction and size, aiding in avoiding collisions. Additionally, when anchored, boats must display a white anchor light visible from all directions to signal their presence and prevent accidents.

What side is red and green navigation lights on a boat?

Red navigation lights are positioned on the port (left) side of a boat, while green navigation lights are on the starboard (right) side. This arrangement helps other vessels determine the direction of travel and avoid collisions, adhering to international maritime regulations. When seen together, these lights indicate the boat's orientation, ensuring safe navigation in low visibility conditions and at night.

When boating at night, what does a single white light mean?

A single white light displayed by a boat at night indicates that the vessel is either anchored or moored. This white light must be visible from all directions and signifies the boat's stationary position, serving as a warning to other vessels to avoid collision. It is a crucial safety measure to prevent accidents and ensure safe navigation in darkness or reduced visibility conditions.

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