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Boat bungs and inflatable fenders are just another reason to shop for marine equipment and accessories at Anaconda. Shop our boat fit out range today!

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What are boat bungs and drain-plugs?

Most kayaks, dinghies and small boats are fitted with drain plugs. When the plug is removed, water will drain from the lowest point of the boat. Boat bungs, drain plugs, bilge pumps and buckets all have their uses for draining a waterlogged boat. Modern boat bungs are made from UV resistant marine grade nylon for seamless and heavy-duty fastening.

If draining a small canoe, rowboat or kayak, simply raise the vessel onto dry land, unscrew the boat bung or drain plug, and allow the water to drain away. Anaconda boat bungs and drain plugs are available in a range of diameters to suit all types of vessels.

What are inflatable boat fenders?

Inflatable boat fenders are the convenient alternative to permanent fenders on the side of your boat. Inflatable fenders are incredibly lightweight, yet strong enough to resist bumping against jetties or other boats. Anaconda boat fenders include strong moulded grommets for secure attachment, and are made from weather and sun-resistant PVC designed to handle tough treatment.

Inflatable fenders are the quick fix when sitting at anchor or rafted up next to other boats. A relaxing day will be ruined if your time is spent fending off other boats whenever a large wake stirs up the water. If storage is a problem, inflatable boat fenders are the answer. At close to half a metre long, Waterline boat fenders available from Anaconda, provide the coverage and protection your boat deserves.

Why choose Anaconda for boat bungs and fenders?

Anaconda is your outdoor and marine specialist, with more available products than anyone else. We have a nation-wide network of retail outlets, so there is bound to be an Anaconda store near you. In addition, we provide a superior online shopping experience, with all your favourite brands on show.

We partner with major boating, marine and fishing brands such as Jarvis Walker, Berkley, Shimano, Penn, Honda and Daiwa to bring you an unbeatable product range at prices regular Australians can afford. At Anaconda, we are excited about outdoor adventures and experiences, and we want to share the best Australia has to offer with you.

What other marine equipment should I consider?

The choices are all yours at Anaconda, whether you enjoy fishing, sailing, surfing or just hanging out by the water's edge. Explore lots of great Anaconda products that include recreational kayaks, fishing kayaks, stand-up-paddleboards, inflatable boats, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing combos, waders, cast nets, anchors and much more. At Anaconda, you will find boat seats, biminis, marine petrol and battery storage containers, aerators, bilge pumps, tackle boxes, roof racks and towing gear. It's all here under one roof at Anaconda.

Do you sell boat apparel and footwear?

We certainly do. Check out high quality fishing shirts, fishing jackets, gloves and other splash-proof gear from name brand manufacturers. Fishing clothing is lightweight, water-resistant, fast drying and adaptable to changing weather conditions, with heaps of stylish options available at Anaconda.

Great footwear options include water shoes, all terrain sandals and comfy thongs. We have it all at Anaconda, and every stocked product comes with our famous Anaconda lowest available price guarantee, so let's get your next outdoor adventure started.



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