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Any well-equipped motorboat, launch or cruiser will boast a powerful marine stereo. To enjoy a day of fishing while listening to your favourite tunes, shop Anaconda's great range of marine speakers and sound systems today!

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Why are Marine Stereos Different to Other Stereos?

Your marine audio system will need to handle tough love. If you are hoping to achieve great stereo sound on your boat, you will need marine-rated equipment, like our Clarion M505 + CMG1622R Bundle, that is up to the task and can handle the elements. Marine audio equipment exists in an open climate environment where water, salt and sun can impact stereo performance. If your boat stereo isn't designed to handle these conditions, it simply won't last.

Marine stereos and boat speakers undergo countless hours of testing even before production begins. Anaconda marine stereos are tested with ultraviolet light that mimics years of sun exposure, and 'salt fog' chambers that simulate exposed situations in harsh saltwater environments. Marine stereo seals are tested with blasts of water to ensure everything is moisture-proof. Additional conformal coatings increase protection for internal circuitry.

What are Some Considerations When Choosing a Marine Stereo?

If you are comparing boat speakers and marine audio equipment, there are three key points to consider prior to making a purchase:

  1. Water resistance: equipment that is water-resistant can handle some sea spray and light drizzle but cannot handle complete submersion. Levels of resistance vary for different marine stereo products. Waterproof equipment, on the other hand, will tolerate being fully submerged, although specifics can also vary according to the manufacturer.
  2. UV resistance: high-quality marine stereos can withstand sun exposure. This feature is particularly applicable to receiver faceplates, speaker cones and remote controls.
  3. Anti-corrosion protection: saltwater can damage inferior equipment fast. Marine stereos resist rust and corrosion by using coated circuit boards, rust-resistant components and plated connections.

What Else Should I Look for in a Marine Stereo System?

There are many additional considerations that will apply to your boat. Here are just a few:

  • The right specs - better specs make better sound. For a receiver, look for a high CD signal-to-noise ratio, lots of RMS power, wide frequency response, and additional USB ports. Your boat speakers need good power handling, rubber surrounds, UV-resistant grills and weatherproof cones.
  • High power - when on a boat, you don't have the luxury of enclosed acoustic spaces. High power, like our GME GR300BTW AM/FM Marine Radio, is required to produce a clean and clear sound. The majority of marine stereos employ 4-way amplifiers, and you can also consider adding an additional marine amp to your system.
  • Feature-rich - modern marine receivers are feature-packed and powerful, with innovations that include Bluetooth connectivity, multiple USB connections, aux connections and compatibility with an iPod, thumb drive or MP3 player.

Find the Right Marine Stereos at Anaconda

Explore our great range of marine stereo products and you will find everything you to enjoy a fun day out in the boat. At Anaconda, we establish real partnerships with premium marine stereo brands such as GME, Fusion and Clarion, and we pass the savings on to you. Fusion marine stereos are a great example, such as our Fusion MS-RA70NKTS Stereo System. This impressive stereo is stylish, durable and powerful, with features that include:

  • AM/FM receiver + DAB
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • IPX-7 waterproof front panel and IPX-3 at rear
  • 128 x 64 pixel optically-bonded LCD display
  • Multi-zone technology: 2 independent audio zones
  • 1 x RCA aux input
  • 1 x USB connection
  • Pair of 150 watt 6" external speakers
  • Nmea2000 connectivity
  • Connects to fusion ms-nrx200i remote control

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