Ultimate Guide To The Best Fishing Spots In Adelaide

Ultimate Guide To The Best Fishing Spots In Adelaide

There's nothing quite like grabbing a fishing rod, packing some tackle and heading down to your favourite fishing spot. With the golden sun shining down from above as the fish elegantly glide through the glistening waters below, fishing has the power to restore the soul. However - if the fish aren't there to bite, then it can turn into a fierce battle of patience and determination.

If you feel that it's time to upgrade your favourite fishing spot, explore your surroundings or are planning a trip to Adelaide and want to plan out all the great locations for fishing, then we've created the ultimate guide to the best fishing spots in Adelaide.

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Fishing In Adelaide FAQs

Is Adelaide good for fishing?

Yes, Adelaide is good for fishing - in fact, Adelaide is great for fishing! Adelaide is packed to the brim with plenty of fantastic land-based and boat fishing options including jetties, piers, rivers, estuaries, breakwalls and many more, with each location home to a wide variety of fish to catch.

What fish do you catch in Adelaide?

There is a wide variety of fish that you can catch in Adelaide. So many, in fact, that here is a list of all the most popular fish that you can catch in Adelaide:

  • Black Bream
  • Salmon Trout
  • Mullet
  • Australian Salmon
  • Garfish
  • Mulloway
  • Squid
  • King George Whiting
  • European Carp
  • Catfish
  • Redfin Perch
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout

Do I need a fishing Licence in SA?

No, you do not need a fishing licence to go fishing in South Australia. However though, you will need a permit or registration in South Australia if you are fishing in certain fisheries that allow reservoir fishing, lobster pots and mesh casting nets. To make sure you aren't breaking any laws (and getting a fine on your fishing trip), always make sure to check with the local authorities before setting out to your fishing destination.

Where are the fish biting in Adelaide?

The fish are biting every in Adelaide! One of the most popular fishing spots in Adelaide where the fish are biting is Brighton Jetty, which is Adelaide's most popular metropolitan fishing jetty. From Port River and Grange Jetty to Onkaparinga River, River Torrens and everywhere in between, our guide to the best fishing spots in Adelaide will show you exactly where all the fish are biting in Adelaide.

Grange Jetty

Grange Jetty

We begin our list of the top fishing spots in Adelaide with Grange Jetty, an extremely popular fishing spot for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Although it gets the most 'fish traffic' during the summer months, Grange Jetty is still very much active all year round.

The most common species of fish you can expect to catch include Garfish, Mullet, Herring, Yellowfin Whiting and delicious crustaceans such as Sand Crabs and Blue Swimmer Crabs, which are one of the main reasons why anglers from far and wide come to Grange Jetty. Late at night or early in the morning is the best time to head down for your chance at catching some Garfish and Herring.

Why you'll love Grange Jetty:

  • Incredibly popular fishing spot for all skill levels
  • Awesome spot for fishing in Adelaide during the summer months
  • Perfect for catching Garfish, Herring, Mullet and Yellowfin Whiting

Brighton Jetty

Brighton Jetty

When 'Adelaideans' think of a hustling and bustling metro jetty, they think of Brighton Jetty, a magnificent fishing spot in Adelaide that is absolutely teeming with an array of fish species. This is a great fishing destination when on holiday as Brighton Jetty is active with plenty of fish to catch all throughout the year.

You will find an abundance of crustaceans like Blue Swimmer Crabs (a local favourite), plenty of molluscs like Southern Calamari, and species of fish including Snapper, King George Whiting, Garfish, Tommies, Snook and Yellowfin Whiting. The locals like to head down to Brighton Jetty during winter months right after a storm has passed through, as there will be schools of King George Whiting feeding just off the end of the jetty!

Why you'll love Brighton Jetty:

  • The most popular fishing spot in Adelaide
  • Perfect for fishing during the winter months
  • Awesome for catching plenty of King George Whiting, Garfish and Snapper

Semaphore Jetty

Semaphore Jetty

Just 14km outside of the CBD and stretching out 585 metres across the water, Semaphore Jetty is another golden fishing spot in Adelaide that absolutely cannot be missed if you take your fishing as seriously as the locals do. Semaphore Jetty gains most of its traffic in the summertime when it's prime time for catching fish such as Yellowfin Whiting, Herring, Mullet and Garfish.

However, if you have plans to catch crabs and squid, then you will want to head down from the beginning of Spring to the end of February. This is the golden time when a plethora of molluscs and crustaceans can be easily snatched out of the water by those who have timed their sessions accordingly. Semaphore Jetty also provides a challenge to adventurous anglers, with Whaler Sharks passing through between the months of October through to March.

Why you'll love Semaphore Jetty:

  • Awesome fishing spot just outside of Adelaide CBD
  • Another great fishing spot during summer
  • Perfect spot for catching squid and crabs

Glenelg Jetty

Glenelg Jetty

Glenelg Jetty is located smack bang in the middle of The Bay and provides a pleasant change of scenery in contrast to the sandy jetties that are scattered around Adelaide. The beauty of this fishing spot is that its bottom is laden with a mixture of rocks, weeds and sand that has given birth to an aquatic paradise of fish species.

As long as the water is clear, you can easily catch Squid and Snook, which call Glenelg Jetty home 365 days of the year. Heading down after it has become dark is the best time to catch species such as Garfish and Herring. If you are on the hunt for species like Mullet and Blue Swimmer Crabs, then heading down between March and April will provide optimal results.

Why you'll love Glenelg Jetty:

  • Mixed fishing terrain of sand, weeds and rocks for catching a variety of different fish species
  • Great for fishing all year round
  • Awesome spot for nighttime fishing in Adelaide

Henley Beach Jetty

Henley Beach Jetty

If you have ever received a postcard of a picturesque jetty showcasing deep blue waters against an orange glow backdrop that completely basks everything it touches, then the picture was probably taken at Henley Beach Jetty. Whether you are on the hunt for sharks or just a gorgeous view, then this is the fishing destination for you.

Henley Beach Jetty is home to a wide variety of fish species and provides a decent challenge for any angler of any skill level. Your best chance of catching sharks such as Bronze Whaler Sharks is heading down at night during summer. In shallower waters, there is plenty of Mullet and Yellowfin Whiting to catch. If you're on the hunt for crustaceans, then Henley Beach Jetty is home to Blue Swimmer Crabs are plentiful if you head down between October and April - and if you're lucky and have a good eye, then you may also catch some School Mulloway and Salmon.

Why you'll love Henley Beach Jetty:

  • The most beautiful jetty for fishing in Adelaide
  • One of the only spots to catch Bronze Whaler Sharks
  • Great fishing spot for anglers of all skill levels

Port River

Port River

As part of a beautiful tidal estuary in the North of Adelaide CBD, Port River has been a popular fishing spot and shipping channel since all the way back in 1836. It is also regarded as the nation's biggest producer of Mulloway, which instantly reveals the main species of fish that attract anglers to Port River from far and wide.

Winter is considered the best time to head down, as there are plenty of huge monstrous Mulloway that get caught in the changing tides, as well as large Black Bream. If you head down on the tail of Autumn, then you will also have the best chance at catching fish such as Mullet and Salmon Trout. While fishing at Port River, make sure to also check out the nearby Fisherman's Market Wharf, which is another very popular hot spot for keen anglers.

Why you'll love Port River:

  • One of the best fishing spots in Adelaide for estuary fishing
  • The best place to fish for Mulloway in Adelaide
  • Fisherman's Market Wharf is right nearby for keen anglers

River Torrens

River Torrens

If you are looking for a freshwater fishing spot in Adelaide, River Torrens answers the call. Although regarded as an Australian pest, you will find plenty of European Carp swimming through its waters (which are also very easy to catch). This spot is also located close to some of the most iconic landmarks in Adelaide such as Bonython Park, Popeye Dock, Adelaide Zoo and Adelaide University Bridge.

Apart from European Carp, you can also expect to find plenty of Brown Trout, Redfin Perch, Rainbow Trout and Tandanus Catfish. You can locate these species by moving upstream to where the river gets skinner allowing the water to flow faster. But no matter where you decide to cast your line, River Torrens provides a breathtaking skyline of towering skyscrapers that seamlessly blend into an endless blue sky.

Why you'll love River Torrens:

  • Best freshwater fishing spot in Adelaide
  • Heaps of iconic landmarks nearby
  • The best spot for catching European Carp

Onkaparinga River

Onkaparinga River

Last, and by certainly no means least, on our list of the best fishing spots in Adelaide is the Onkaparinga River. Make sure you come equipped with soft plastics as there is an endless swarm of Black Bream in the upper reaches of the Onkaparinga River during Spring. However, from September 1st to November 30th, the South Road Bridge section has a closed season of catching Black Bream, so make sure you get your timing right.

But with an abundance of Mullet, Mulloway and Salmon Trout, there is still plenty of great fishing to be had. The locals tend to use live bait such as Whitebait, Bloodworms and Pilchards to get the best results. If you're happy to simply cast your line and catch any species of fish, then Perry's Bend is the best location for the all-round angler.

Why you'll love Onkaparinga River:

  • The best fishing spot in Adelaide for catching Black Bream
  • Also a perfect spot for catching plenty of Salmon Trout, Mulloway and Mullet
  • Perfect spot for catching Salmon during the winter season

Port Noarlunga Beach

Port Noarlunga Beach

Just a 39 minute drive from the CBD of Adelaide is Port Noarlunga Beach, another fantastic spot for some of the best fishing in Adelaide, and for those willing to make the drive out, it is an incredibly popular fishing spot. Port Noarlunga Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters, absolutely stunning reefs and an incredible abundance of marine life swimming all around you.

Port Noarlunga Beach is absolutely brimming with plenty of fish to catch such as Herring, Snapper, King George Whiting, Bream, Mullet, Salmon and even Southern Calamari. If you find yourself heading down during the winter season, then expect to catch plenty of massive Australian Salmon!

Why you'll love Port Noarlunga Beach:

  • The most beautiful place to fish in Adelaide
  • Extremely popular for catching Southern Calamari
  • Head down during winter to catch massive Australian Salmon

Embark on Your Next Fishing Adventure in Adelaide

Fishing Adventure in Adelaide

These are our top picks for the best fishing spots in Adelaide - but they are only just a taste of what Adelaide has to offer. We will continue to update this list, so make sure you regularly check back to see what new fishing spots in Adelaide you can uncover! Anaconda is here to help you make the most of your fishing adventure by equipping you with the best fishing gear and information. For more exciting fishing destinations, tips and much more, check out our Adventure Centre, some articles you might like include:

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