Winter Clothing Accessories Buying Guide

Winter Clothing Accessories Buying Guide

As the first cold gust of winter blows away the fleeting tepidity of autumn, we delve into our wardrobe in search of refuge and warmth. It is here where we find our cladding to protect us from the harsh kiss of winter: our pullovers, pants, jackets and thermals. But no suit of armour to shield us from the cold is complete without the final pieces: winter clothing accessories.

However, finding the right type of winter clothing accessories can conjure forth many questions in our pursuit of maximum warmth. What are the best winter beanies? What are the best neck warmers? What are the best winter accessories in general and how can you choose the best ones? All that and much more will be revealed in our exciting winter clothing accessories buying guide!

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Most Common Winter Clothing Accessories FAQs

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What is a winter accessory worn on the head?

Unless you have lived all your life in an incredibly hot climate that is immune to winter, then you would be familiar with one of the most iconic winter clothing accessories in existence: the beanie. Beanies are excellent for keeping your head nice and warm while also being an immensely popular fashion statement in their own right.

What is a winter accessory to warm the neck?

When the cold winds of winter shake us to our very core, the protection of a jacket and a beanie isn't enough to shield us. This is where balaclavas, scarves and neck gators (also known as neck warmers) step in to complete the ultimate winter outfit. Whether you are trying to stay warm when visiting a friend for coffee or hiking up the top of a mountain during a blizzard, they will keep you warm and protected.

What are the best gloves for extreme cold weather?

During extremely cold weather, you will need the ultimate protection when battling frosty wind and ice. When you need the best gloves for winter, you need a pair of snow gloves like our XTM Men's Samurai Snow Gloves. They feature a polyester taslon shell with an XremeTex breathable liner for maximum waterproof protection.

Which socks are best for winter?

When it comes to the best socks for winter, you are going to want to look for a pair of winter socks that are made from merino wool, like our Cederberg Unisex Hike Merino Crew Socks. This material is soft to the touch, provides extreme warmth and is also moisture wicking, making sure that your feet stay toasty and dry all throughout the day.

What Material Is Best For Winter Clothing Accessories?

Best Winter Snow Clothing Accessories

When it comes to the best type of material for winter clothing accessories, and pretty much winter clothing in general, you will want materials such as fleece, cashmere, cotton and merino wool. Regardless of the material that you choose, because winter can be a cruel beast, the material will need to offer features such as high insulation, breathability and moisture-wicking abilities. Merino wool, for example, has many beneficial features such as being odour neutralising, moisture regulating, temperature regulating, providing UV protection and is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Because of this, it is of no surprise that Australia is the world's largest supplier of merino wool, as far as supplying the world with 90 per cent of merino wool!

What Are The Best Winter Accessories?

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Now the most important part you have been waiting for: what exactly are the best winter accessories you can purchase to complete your winter wardrobe? From the best winter beanies to the best gloves for winter, our expert Anaconda team will provide a breakdown of the best winter accessories you need to stay warm and dry this winter in Australia.

Winter scarves

Even before winter starts creeping in, a popular clothing item you will start seeing is scarves. They are perfect for keeping your neck warm during the colder months and come in a wide range of styles, sizes and designs. Scarves, not to be confused with a hiking neck scarf which is referred to as a neck gaiter, are perfect for quickly wrapping around and adding an extra layer of warmth. For example, our Mountain Designs Unisex Merino Scarf is made from merino wool, making it highly breathable yet features high thermal regulation properties to keep you snuggly and warm.

Winter beanies

Another popular winter clothing accessory you will quickly start seeing as the cold weather starts to set in is beanies. They come in many different styles, such as brimmed with a visor, but brimless styles are the most popular. The material the best winter beanies are commonly made from is cloth or felt, making them incredibly comfortable to wear while being breathable. For example, our The North Face Women's Salty Bae Beanie is made from acrylic yarn, making it extremely comfortable to wear, extremely warm and extremely stylish.

Winter gloves & mittens

When it comes to the best gloves for winter, it will first depend on the activity you will be doing. If you are going hiking or venturing out into the snow, then a pair of heavy-duty snow gloves (like our Chute Men's Switch II Snow Gloves) will be needed because they are specially designed to be waterproof, keeping your hands warm, and most importantly, dry throughout the entire day. If you are just wanting to keep your hands warm on the way to the office, then a pair of mittens are perfect. Like our 37 Degrees South Kids' Fleece Mittens, mittens are designed with a single part to keep all of your fingers nice and warm with another part just for your thumb. When you need cosy warmth for your hands during winter, you need a pair of mittens!

Winter neck warmers

A neck warmer, also known as a neck gaiter, is basically like a large collar that is worn around the neck for additional warmth during very cold temperatures. This closed tube of fabric is typically made of merino wool, knit, synthetic wicking or fleece, and is worn by slipping over the head and rests just above the nose and covering all the way down to the collar line. The best neck warmers, like our 37 Degrees South Men's Fleece Neckband, are also designed to keep out irritants such as smoke, dust and sand from entering.

Winter socks

When it comes to keeping your feet nice and warm during winter, not just any pair of socks will do - you need winter socks. Now socks are a pretty straightforward thing, but the type of winter sock you buy does depend on what you are doing. For example, if you are lounging around the house and want to keep your feet warm, then our Sofsole Women's Fireside Foldover Cuff Slipper Socks are perfect. But if you are going hiking during winter, then you need something more heavy-duty like our XTM Adults' Monsoon Waterproof Hiking Socks. These bad boys are made with a waterproof breathable DRYTEC membrane and feature an inner merino liner for enhanced thermal performance.

Winter goggles

Just because it is freezing cold and feels like the sun has retreated to the other side of the world, that doesn't mean you don't still have to consider eye protection. Whether you are snowboarding or skiing, you are going to need a pair of snow goggles - unless you want to suffer from snow blindness, which is a type of photokeratitis caused by harsh UV rays being reflected off of snow and ice and straight into your eyes. But with a pair of winter goggles, like our Carve Men's Clingon Snow Goggles, you can easily avoid it. They feature an anti-fog lens to ensure you can always see where you are going, provide 100% UV protection and has dual-layer custom-fit foam for a comfortable fit for any head size.

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