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Full Length Pants

Full Length Pants

Make sure your legs are covered and protect yourself from scrapes, stings and sun no matter where you are exploring, hiking or climbing with a pair of full length pants from Anaconda. Available in a range of styles and sizes for men, women and kids, this range includes full length pants for every time of year and all weather conditions.

Choose from track pants, tights, cargo pants, base layers and many more types of full length pants for all manner of leisure or sporting activities, camping or fishing trips or holidays.

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The Different Types of Pants Available Today!

You may shop for pants regularly, but do you know the different types? Do you know which type is most flattering for your body type? To get the best pants for your wardrobe, be sure to read our guide to the various types of pants below.

What Are Straight Pants?

Straight pants are the most common types of pants out there, so it is likely you already have some of them in your wardrobe. Straight pants are characterised by a straight line in the design; this goes through the entire length. Straight pants can also come with a variety of closings; this includes zippers as well as buttons.

What Are Jeans?

Jeans usually separate themselves from most pants, since they are made from a unique material called denim. As you know already, denim is much thicker and heavier than most natural fibres, so jeans are often chosen when extra durability is required.

What Are Jumpsuits?

Like jeans, jumpsuits are in a category of their own. They are not truly considered as pants, because they have a bodice attached to them. So, when looking for jumpsuits, you will usually find them in a different section of the store.

What Are Shorts?

Shorts can be made from a variety of material and usually stop just above the knees. However, we must mention that there are various subcategories of shorts; this includes boardshorts, Bermuda shorts, cut-off shorts, and many others. Therefore, the characteristics of the typical short may vary a little depending on the subtype.

What Are Harem Pants?

When we mention the name “Mc Hammer”, you immediately know what harem pants is. Even though this type of pants was mainly popular in the eighties, it recently made a comeback on various runways across the world.

The return of the harem pants is good news for anyone who likes casual fashion, since this type of pants is characterised by its extremely wide legs and an emphasis on the waist. So, if you have a lovely figure, but want to go casual, harem pants might be perfect for you.

What Are Baggy Pants?

Baggy pants are a type of pants that is fitted by the waist and flairs towards the legs. They are comparable to harem pants, although baggy pants appear a lot classier and formal than casual harem pants.

What Are Bell Bottoms?

Bell bottoms are pants that is fitted in strategic locations, more specifically the hips and the thigs. The remained of the bottoms will flare from the knees. This type of pants is most suitable for women who are tall and skinny.

What Are Tights?

If you have a good pair of legs and bottom, then a pair of tights might be the perfect fit for you. Tights can be made from various materials; this includes anything from cotton to wool.

Since tights are usually quite tights around the legs, waist, and bottom, they are usually not recommended for people who have extremely thin legs. However, they are a good fit for anyone with a more athletic physique.

What Are Punk Pants?

Even though you do not see these pants as much anymore, they are still considered stylish. Punk pants will have lots of stitching lines running across the exterior of the legs, but also have numerous pockets. However, only some of the pockets on punk pants are functional, since the remainder is added for decorative reasons.

What Are Eastern Pants?

Eastern pants are often confused with harem pants, because both types look remarkably similar. However, eastern pants always have an elasticised or drawstring waist, complemented by huge flared legs.

Like most types of pants nowadays, eastern pants also have various subtypes; this includes pants such has Salwar pants, dhothi pants, Patiala pants, palazzo pants, and churidhar pants.

What Are Jodhpur Pants?

Jodhpur pants are characterised by a wide waist and a certain looseness until the knees. Then, the design thins out towards the ankles, which also has a cuff to keep the lower half of the pants in its place.

Even though you might believe you are not yet familiar with this type of pants, you might be wrong. Jodhpur pants is often used in horseback riding, since these pants provide a lot of flexibility and freedom of movement.

What Types of Pants Can I Obtain at Anaconda?

Anaconda has a lovely range of full-length pants available, including the ones mentioned today. We also have a wonderful range of shorts and other bottoms that do not reach the ankles. So, be sure to check out our collection to discover the possibilities!

Do you have a question about the pants being offered at Spotlight? Or could you use some help finding new pants for your wardrobe? Get in touch with the Anaconda team. We are more than happy to assist!

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