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Make sure your legs are covered and protect yourself from scrapes, stings and sun no matter where you are exploring, hiking or climbing with a pair of full length pants from Anaconda. Available in a range of styles and sizes for men, women and kids, this range includes full length pants for every time of year and all weather conditions. Choose from track pants, tights, cargo pants, base layers and many more types of full length pants for all manner of leisure or sporting activities, camping or fishing trips or holidays

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The Essentials You Need For Your Next Hike

Hiking is a fond hobby for many Australians, as there are many beautiful landscapes and routes to discover. If you just start out hiking, you will need some essentials to get you started. Below, we have provided an overview of the essentials you will need for your next hike.

What Is The First Thing I Need For My Hiking Trip?

The clothes you wear during your hike are extremely important. It is vital to protect your feet and legs, especially if you intend on hiking in an area without a clear trail. At Anaconda, you can obtain full-length pants for your hiking trips, but also dedicated hiking boots and other attire that will help you enjoy your hike just a little more.

What Is The Second Thing I Need For My Hiking Trip?

Even the most experienced hiker will need some navigation tools. Modern technology certainly has made navigation easier, but you should never forget about the traditional methods of navigation, this in case modern technology fails.

Some of the essential navigation tools you should include in your hiking kit is a map of the area and a compass. A personal locator beacon could also be a good choice, especially in areas that are away from civilisation. You could even include a satellite messenger for those unforeseen emergencies.

What Is The Third Thing I Need For My Hiking Trip?

When you are out and about, it is easy to catch a sunburn. Sun protection is therefore another essential that should be included in your hiking kit. Of course, sun protection is not just limited to sunscreen, since you can obtain extra protection through the right clothing and a good pair of sunglasses. Therefore, ensure these are always included in your kit.

What Is The Fourth Thing I Need For My Hiking Trip?

Emergencies can happen while you are on a hike, and you may be some distance away from medical assistance. As such, it is essential to have vital first aid supplies on your person before you set out for your hike.

There are numerous things that could cause an emergency during a hike, this can range from a fall to an insect sting or bite. Because of the wide range of emergencies that you could encounter during a hike, it is a good idea to create a first aid kit with hiking in mind. So, a regular first aid kit you keep at your home is usually not enough.

Some of the essentials you should include in a first aid kit are related to foot care, insect stings, and wound care. If you are allergic to certain insect stings or bites, you should also include emergency medication for this type of emergency. You should also learn how to apply those medications before you head off.

What Is The Fifth Thing I Need For My Hiking Trip?

Even if you only intend on hiking for a day before you return to your home or hotel, it is always wise to have some shelter on your person. You could encounter unforeseen weather during a hike, in which case such shelter will prove especially convenient.

Hikers who intend on spending a couple of nights along a hiking trail should be prepared too where shelter is concerned. A sturdy tent that provides ample protection against the weather elements and against insects is a big recommendation.

You do not want to drag along a cumbersome tent during your hike though, so the weight of your tent or shelter is something you must consider carefully. Fortunately, manufacturers have answered the need for lighter tents and shelters, which are now available for purchase at Anaconda. If you want to limit your tent to a specific weight, always check our overview of tents and check the product description for details on weight and size.

Other Essentials That Cannot Be Missing From Your Kit

We already mentioned a large range of essentials, but we did not cover all of it. Remember, hiking does require some supplies to keep you safe and comfortable, this ranges from having enough water to food and even a change of clothes. When unsure of what to pack for your next trip, why not get in touch with Anaconda for some assistance?



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