Can I purchase gym clothing at Anaconda?

Yes, our range of gym clothing for women and men will have you looking good even while working out. The Anaconda collection includes compression gear, sweat pants, hoodies, sports bras, tops and a whole lot more. Name brands including Nike, Puma and Adidas are on show for long-lasting comfort, flexibility and breathability, while accessories such as Active Audio iPhone Armbands ensure you will never miss a beat even during rigorous training.

What are the benefits of gym clothing?

The Anaconda collection includes compression tights, shorts and tops that flex and stretch with every movement while also helping avoid muscle aches and strains. Benefits include muscle support for easier body firming, reduced soreness and fatigue, and focussed power output of individual muscle groups during training. Anaconda gym clothing is ideal for low and high impact training, competition, and as an assistant for superior recovery during cool-down.

Is gym clothing for all seasons?

Appropriate gym clothing is comfortable and wearable before, during and after training in every season. Manufactured using lightweight lycra, cotton, polyester and other gym-friendly materials, Anaconda gym clothing incorporates enhanced elasticity resistant to sagging or fading. Our body-hugging gym gear can be worn under other clothing without appearing bulky during cooler days, or as regular-wear for showing off your defined body shape during warmer weather and at the gym.

What are some gym clothing essentials worth considering?

With Anaconda gym clothing your commitment to fitness is given the best possible start. Compression gear is ideal for both aerobic and cardio exercise including yoga, Pilates, cycling, boxfit and weight lifting. High quality gym gear doesn't impede movement, allowing you to focus on exercising properly without constantly readjusting clothing. Conveniently washable, non-shrinking and fast drying, Anaconda compression gear is available in full length, knee length or short styles designed especially for the gym. Our matching tops in classic black, pink and other colours encourage personalised style, while running tops and knit shorts are manufactured using anti-sweat properties and breathable materials.

Can gym clothing be worn as regular clothing?

Absolutely. Anaconda gym clothing manufactured by leading sports brands can be worn outside the gym, while walking, running or simply lounging about and relaxing. The body-hugging properties ensure all muscle groups are supported even while relaxing, with a superior quality compared to regular tights and leggings. Our running tops and tank tops retain shape and breathability, perfect for summer days at the beach, and our high-performance full-zip hoodies are too comfortable to resist.

Does Anaconda gym clothing have pockets for carrying keys and valuables?

Although gym clothing items are often manufactured without pockets to ensure close-fitting comfort, there are some exceptions such as shorts and hoodies. In addition, the Anaconda collection includes the easily adjustable Fly Active Performance Waistpocket for safely securing valuables and the Fly Active Dry Pocket for waterproof storage. Fly Active wrist pocket and towel pocket innovations guarantee your essential items are always secure and close at hand.

Why is gym clothing necessary?

Progressive sports science developments have led to the creation of superior clothing materials that support all muscle groups, aid exercise and even assist with recovery. Getting fit and staying that way is easier when supported by a dedicated clothing and accessories range specifically designed for the gym. Whether you are just commencing your fitness campaign or are an established gym junkie, the right gym clothing offers a purposeful approach to exercise and a feeling of belonging beside your gym buddies. It's important to choose gym clothing and accessories that support your workout style and chosen exercise routine.



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