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Essential Tank Tops You Simply Must Have In Your Closet

Tank tops have been around for some time. While they used to be worn solely by men, tank tops are now popular among women as well. But which are the tank tops that should be a staple in your wardrobe? Here are some of our recommendations!

What Is The First Tank Top I Should Have In My Closet?

The sporty tank top is an absolute must these days, mainly because of the superior comfort they provide during workouts. Women can count on these tank tops to provide them with full support, while men can use these tank tops to show off their athletic appearance.

Sporty tank tops can be combined with plenty of other sportswear. Simply wear them in combination with some track pants or sweat pans and head over to your nearest gym.

What Is The Second Tank Top I Should Have In My Closet?

One of the latest variants of the basic tank top is the backless tank top, a style favoured by many women. The backless tank top can be completely bear on the back, with only a small amount of fabric at the bottom. However, some designs can be embellished with a lace material.

Backless tank tops are considered as casual and are great for the warmer summer months. In some cases, they can be smart casual or even formal, but this does depend on the material the backless tank top is made of.

You can combine the backless tank top with a lot of clothing from your existing wardrobe. A basic pair of jeans certainly finishes the casual look, or you can go smart with a pair of black trousers and some heels.

What Is The Third Tank Top I Should Have In My Closet?

The most basic of tank tops - the white tank top - should also be in your wardrobe. Made from the softest cotton, these tanks tops are extremely comfortable. They are also characterised by a slightly ribbed design, which makes them casual. However, some people prefer to use these tanks tops as nightwear.

Much like the backless tank top, the basic white tank top can be combined with many different pieces of clothing from your wardrobe. Wear them on your favourite pair of jeans or combine them with a pair of joggers. The choice is yours.

What Is The Fourth Tank Top I Should Have In My Closet?

Tank tops have become so fashionable, you can even get some with intricate cut designs. One such a tank top is the cut-out tank top, which is characterised by strategic shapes on its side, front, or back, which have been cut out from the top.

Cut-out tank tops are extremely loose, which certainly provides the wearer with more breathability during warmer temperatures. Because of its breathability, this kind of top is also popular for workouts. However, the cut-outs make the top less suitable for everyday wear.

What Is The Fifth Tank Top I Should Have In My Closet?

Another tank top staple for your wardrobe is the halter neck tank top. This tank top is incredibly versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions, depending on its colour.

Halter tank tops work remarkably well on jeans, just like most tank tops that have been described in this overview. However, the beauty of the halter tank top is that it always works beautifully with most skirts and a pair of shorts. So, the halter tank top is a piece of clothing you can combine with most things in your closet.

What Is The Final Tank Top I Should Have In My Closet?

The final tank top that should be in your closet is a printed tank top, preferably with a bold colour and print. There are many occasions where you need a statement piece for your look, but you also want that statement piece to be comfortable. A printed tank top gives you all that and more.

Printed tank tops can be combined with a basic pair of jeans or some dark trousers. When wearing anything printed, always make sure the rest of your clothing does not overpower the actual print, this means it is often easier to wear pants without an additional print or pattern.



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