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What type of clothing can I buy from Anaconda's online store?

Anaconda offers a huge selection of sportswear, activewear and outdoor clothing from dozens of different brands such as Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Columbia, Puma, Speedo and Russell Athletic.

The Shirts and Tops section of the Anaconda online store contains products for men, women and kids. You'll find everything from t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, rash guards, swimwear, jackets, hoodies, cycling jersey to vented fishing shirts. No matter what the weather is like or what type of activity you have in mind, Anaconda will have a top that will fit your needs.

Where do I find Shirts and Tops for casual use?

Many pieces in Anaconda's Shirts and Tops selection are quite versatile and can be worn casually. You can easily wear a t-shirt or tank top anywhere and feel comfortable whether you're just lounging around the house, out on the beach, working out at the gym or going out camping. Our jackets and hoodies can be used in any type of cold weather. And our range of polo shirts can easily be matched with dressier outfits, at the same time offer great comfort and performance for sportier activities like tennis or golf.

How do I choose the right product from the Shirts and Tops section?

If you have a particular activity in mind, like hiking, cycling, fishing, running or just working out at the gym, check out the Categories on the left of the page to narrow down your selection. You can use the Categories check boxes to list only men's, women's or kids' clothing. Anaconda also has separate sections for Jackets and Outerwear, which includes hoodies.

Choosing the right shirt or top designed for a specific sport or activity ensures that you'll be comfortable and are able to perform to the best of your abilities.

Running Tops

T-shirts and tank tops designed for running are typically made out of moisture wicking fabric that pull sweat away from the skin and towards the outer layer of the clothes where it can easily evaporate. This not only prevents you from getting soaked in sweat, but also keeps you cool in warm weather and warmer in cold weather.

Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys have a tight fit to improve your body's aerodynamics while riding on a bike. Jerseys also typically have several pockets to give you additional storage space for food and drinks. And when you're feeling the heat you can easily unzip it down the middle so you can cool down much faster.


Our selection of swimwear tops helps block out the harmful rays of the sun and are lightweight so you can swim easily through the water without being weighed down. We also offer rash guards so you don't get easily scratched and bruised while on your surfboard, body board or paddle board.

Fishing Clothes

When you're out in the sun waiting for the fish to bite, you'll need adequate protection from the environment. Fishing shirts have long sleeves and collars to protect you from overexposure to the sun's harmful rays. At the same time, these special fishing shirts are vented to help keep you cool even if you're stationary for a long time. Finally, fishing shirts also have multiple pockets so you'll have easy access to your tools, fishing tackle and other supplies.

Yoga and Pilates

Tops made for yoga and Pilates need to be able to move and flex with you while performing the moves and poses. Yoga and pilates clothing are made out of stretch fabric that's breathable so you won't feel hindered in any way. These tops can also be made out of moisture wicking fabric so won't feel like you're soaked in sweat all throughout a session.



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