Be protected from the elements with our rain jacket and rainwear range at Anaconda Australia! Explore the collection including Columbia and The North Face.

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Can I purchase rainwear at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks a large variety of rainwear for men, women and children. Check out our colourful, functional & stylish rainwear for life outdoors. Rainwear is indispensable whether you're cycling, walking, camping or taking the kids to school and with our range of rainwear, you will be covered no matter what the weather decides to do.

What should I look out for when choosing a rain jacket?

First of all, it is worth noting that any kind of rain jacket will offer you some protection from the elements. But there are differences in the level of protection your rain jacket will offer you. There are two main categories, most commonly known as water resistant or shower proof, and waterproof (or watertight). Waterproof clothing can be further divided into breathable and non-breathable fabric.

Water-resistant: Also known as shower proof, this is rainwear that can handle light rain for a brief time&mdash -windbreakers and featherweight jackets, for example. If the rain lasts for a long time or starts coming down sideways, these won't be up to keeping you dry for long.

Waterproof/breathable: This type of rainwear keeps rain from getting through to your skin, while also moving sweat back through to the outside. If you're planning any type of activity, this is ideal as it will prevent you being soaked by rain as well as soaked by sweat.

Waterproof/nonbreathable: Think rain slicker or emergency poncho. If you simply need to keep the rain out while sitting or standing around, this rainwear is just fine&mdash -and costs very little money.

Can I purchase a rain coat at Anaconda too?

Most of our rainwear is styled as jackets, although some of the models on offer are slightly longer. However, if you want to go for full-length protection, we do offer a Go Travel Raincoat. This 100% waterproof raincoat will keep you dry, whatever the weather. Full length yet lightweight, it is perfect for any outdoor activity. Featuring unisex styling, 2 deep front pockets and a drawstring hood, this clear PVC raincoat is designed to protect you from the elements. Carry one in your bag or have it in the glove compartment or boot of the car for emergencies, and you will never be caught in the rain!

What are the main features I should think about when buying a rain jacket?

Obviously, you first need to decide on the material and the level of water resistance required, but there are other features to consider when buying rainwear. Here are some of our top tips to look out for:

Hood design - Decide whether you want a rain jacket that features a hood. Most hoods have brims and adjustments like toggles to adapt the size of the opening. Jackets without adjustments are intended for more casual use. Some jackets also have hoods that zip off or roll up and stow in the collar.



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