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Soft Shells

Soft Shells

Looking for a soft yet durable jacket that bridges the gap between a fleece and a waterproof jacket? Then a soft shell jacket is the one for you! More weather-resistant than fleece, yet not as restrictive as some "hard shell" jackets, these jackets are ideal for active people and can be worn as an outer layer over T-shirts and tops, or as an inner layer under waterproofs for extra warmth in extreme conditions.

Most soft shell jackets are rain resistant rather than fully waterproof, lightweight and made from stretch material, ideal for moderate climates and a range of outdoor activities.

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Discover the Ultimate Guide to Soft Shells at Anaconda

Before you buy one of the soft-shell jackets from Anaconda, it is usually a good idea to learn a little more about them. By doing so, you can get a soft-shell jacket that fits your needs perfectly, but also one that is most flattering.

Want to learn more about the soft-shell jackets available at Anaconda? Check out the information below and find out everything you need to know about our soft-shell jackets!

What Is a Soft-Shell Jacket?

A soft-shell jacket is a special type of jacket commonly used by hikers and campers. The jacket is a good choice for good weather, since this type of jacket provides more breathability than other types of jackets.

What Is the Difference Between a Soft-Shell Jacket and a Hard-Shell Jacket?

Contrary to the soft-shell jacket, a hard-shell jacket is a lot more rigid. The hard-shell jacket is also waterproof, which makes this the perfect jacket for rainy weather. Of course, even though soft-shell jackets provide some water resistance, they are mainly aimed at breathability.

Most soft-shell jackets have more flexibility in the overall design too. When you compare the arms of the soft-shell jacket to those of a hard-shell jacket, you will notice that soft-shell jackets have much more flexible arms.

What Cuts Are Possible for a Soft-Shell Jacket?

Soft-shell jackets usually have an athletic or an alpine cut. They also have loads of drawstrings, so the wearer can adjust the jacket quickly when the wind or rain starts to play up.

What Are Some of the Features I Can Expect with Soft-Shell Jackets?

Many soft-shell jackets can have a variety of special features that contribute to the functionality of this jacket. Below, we have listed some of the most common features you can expect with your soft-shell jacket.


One of the things you will find incorporated in the design of a soft-shell jacket quite often is mesh. The mesh is used to make the jacket even more breathable, so it is applied in strategic locations.


A hood is a feature most hikers and climbers want for their soft-shell jacket, since this provides them with some additional protection when the rain or wind hits. The hood will also have some drawstrings, so the hood can be drawn close when required. There are also some soft-shell jackets with a zipped hood.


One of the most common features you will find with any type of jacket is a series of pockets. Most soft-shell jackets will have exterior pockets, but you will find many options with inside pockets too.

In some cases, manufacturers will choose to add a special lining in the pockets; this to provide some extra insulation for hikers and campers who want to warm their hands when the wind gets a little chillier.

Reinforced Design

To add more durability to soft-shell jackets, some manufacturers choose to reinforce some parts of the jacket. The reinforcement of the jacket usually happens in strategic locations; this includes the elbows and the shoulders.

Inner Lining

Even though soft-shell jackets are made to be breathable and flexible, they must provide some degree of warmth to hikers and campers who find themselves in windy and rainy conditions. The inner lining of the soft-shell jacket provides that warmth.

The linen of soft-shell jackets can be made from various materials. Naturally, the material of the inner lining can have an impact on the price, so you will find varying prices for jackets with an inner lining made from fleece, fur, or wool.

Flatlock Seams

The type of stitching used in the inside of a soft-shell jacket can be more important than you think. You may have experienced a problem with stitching before, especially when you are wearing a heavier backpack. When wearing something on your back, the inner stitching can cause some abrasions on your back. To avoid this problem, you can choose a soft-shell jacket with so-called flatlock seams.

Stretchable Fabrics

Since soft-shell jackets can be made from a variety of materials, it is not uncommon to encounter jackets with stretchable fabric. Stretchable fabric is extremely important for anyone who uses the jacket for an activity where a lot of movement is required; this may include running, hiking, or anything else that requires flexible movement.

What Soft-Shell Jackets Can I Obtain from Anaconda?

Anaconda offers soft-shell jackets for men, women, and children. Our jackets can be made from various materials; this includes the outer material, but also the lining. To get more familiar with all the options in our catalogue, be sure to check the available options in the clothing section.

Do you have a question about soft-shell jackets that requires an expert answer? Do not hesitate to contact one of the sales representatives at Anaconda via email or telephone. We will be happy to help you further.

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