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A genuine soft shell jacket is breathable, stretchy and water-resistant, offering protection from drizzle and light snow. A soft shell jacket performs as a mid-layer or outer layer, depending on the weather conditions. Insulated, waterproof and windproof apparel allows the wearer to remain comfortable and warm in testing weather conditions, with the best range of men's soft shell jackets and women's soft shell jackets available at Anaconda.

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The best jackets for outdoor weather protection

Layered clothing is the secret behind combating the elements and staying protected. Your outerwear may be a soft shell jacket, hard shell jacket, fleece jacket, rain jacket or pullover, depending on the conditions. Layering options can include long johns, moisture wicking t-shirts, micro fleece garments, Merino pullovers and other base layers. The best insulated jackets from manufacturers such as The North Face are created with special materials such as Gore-Tex, elastane and ripstop nylon, providing the required waterproof and water resistant qualities. Breathability is a major consideration, and many Anaconda outdoor products are suitable for workwear as well as active wear. 

What is a soft shell jacket?

Soft shell jackets are relatively lightweight, making them suitable for camping, hiking and trekking. Versatile soft shell jackets bridge the gap between moisture wicking base layers and hard shell jackets or rain jackets in cold and bleak weather. Soft shell jackets are relatively form-fitting, allowing you to trek in comfort without getting snagged along the way. Lightweight soft shell fabric is foldable and conveniently stowed in a backpack or travel bag, ready for use whenever the weather turns ugly. Anaconda wind resistant and water resistant soft shell jackets are ideal for keeping warm in alpine regions of Australia, New Zealand and anywhere else where the temperature can plummet. 

What is a hard-shell jacket?

Contrary to the softshell jacket, the hard-shell jacket is completely waterproof. To provide such qualities, these kinds of jackets are usually made from materials such as PVC and Gore-Tex.

A hard-shell jacket is not as warm as a softshell jacket, so if you do choose this type of jacket, do not forget to layer some clothing underneath. If layering is missing, the jacket will make you a little colder than you want to be. If warmth is more important than the waterproof qualities of the hard-shell jacket, then a softshell jacket might be better for you.

What is a rain jacket?

The rain jacket usually falls under the category of hard-shell jacket. While they do not provide lots of warmth, they provide the best protection against water and moisture. Therefore, a rain jacket is most suitable for a rainy environment.

Once again, various materials can be used to create a rain jacket, this includes some of the fabrics we have mentioned underneath the hard-shell jacket section. Another popular material for rain jackets includes a coated nylon, which provides strength and durability.

What is a wind jacket?

Cold and warm temperatures are not the only things you will encounter when you spend some time in the great outdoors. In fact, wind is another one of the elements you will have to face. As such, the wind jacket could be another addition to your outdoor kit.

The wind jacket can be compared to the softshell jacket, as it shares some similarities. Like the softshell jacket, it provides added protection against the wind. However, the wind jacket does not way as much as the softshell jacket and is relatively thinner. The material used to create wind jackets tends to be lightweight, but less breathable compared to the material used in softshell jackets.

What is a fleece jacket?

Fleece jackets are quite popular as casual attire, mainly because this kind of jackets provides a lot of warmth. While it does have the downside of not providing major protection against rain or snow, it does provide more warmth in cold temperatures.

If you will encounter cold weather with lots of wind, it is recommended to use a wind jacket in combination with a fleece jacket. Fleece does not provide the same protection against the wind, so an extra wind jacket will be required. If you do use this combination, always consider that it will be less breathable than a softshell jacket.

What is an insulated jacket?

An insulated jacket is usually made with an inner lining, this to provide the wearer with more warmth. Insulated jackets do have limited water resistance, this must be taken into consideration if you will encounter wet environments.

Despite its limited water resistance, insulated jackets are considerably lighter than other jackets that are known to provide warmth, this includes fleece. They also tend to be on par with softshell jackets in terms of breathability.

Which jacket is the right choice for me?

Choosing a jacket often comes down to evaluating the environment you will encounter. For example, if you go hiking in the middle of summer, you will need a jacket that can provide some rain protection but does not provide too much warmth. In the- winter, you would need a jacket that provides extra warmth as well as water resistance.



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