Anaconda stocks a vast collection of vests from budget-friendly everyday wear to top brand names. Browse the entire selection of vests at Anaconda.

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What big brand vests are available?

Whether you're climbing, hiking, sailing, trekking, camping or just getting around town, our range of fashionable and practical vests includes big-brand options for both men and women. We have vests from The North Face, Cape, Cederberg, Gondwana and Nosilife, just to name a few. They come in a huge range of designs, styles and materials, all at great prices.

What features can I expect from Anaconda vests?

Our range of vests can keep your arms free and your body warm, cool and protected no matter what you are doing outdoors. We have vests that are made of nylon and polyester variations that can be quick drying or water resistant. They are lightweight, durable, and can ward off the cold, wind, sun and even insects. Some of our range is made out of special Ripstop fabric, which can resist tearing and stop tears spreading. And they all look great, no matter where you are.

At Anaconda, it's not all about looks, but it's also what's inside that counts. We have vests that can keep you warm in the winter, and others than are fully breathable and have ventilation that keeps you cool in the summer.

Our winter vests are fully insulated, some with full or partial down filling. This means you can have warmth without weight, and they are constructed to ensure the down stays where it needs to, for both comfort and protection. They are also highly compressible, allowing you to pack efficiently whether you are planning a long trip or a short stay. Some of our vests also have detachable hoods, some with faux fur, and some have a longer contemporary cut, which is a great compromise between aesthetics and function.

Whatever your activity of choice, having access to pockets is an important part of every vest, and our range certainly delivers on that scale. We have vests with hand pockets and chest pockets, invisible chest and hand pockets, and even a secret lens cleaner pocket to keep your glasses clean and polished. Some of our range have up to 13 individual pockets, including trades pockets, pen pockets and security pockets that allow you to store your valuables without fear of them falling out.

At Anaconda, we want to make enjoying the great outdoors as easy as possible, and our large range of vests for both men and women is testament to that.

Can I find some great prices?

Our vests are designed to suit a range of budgets, and as a result they are very popular. Whether you are looking for a top of the range piece of clothing to make your next hike or camping trip easier, or a simple pullover or piece of weekend wear for around town, we have options to suit. To showcase the true value of an Anaconda vest, a lot of our range come with lifetime warranties. That shows you how confident we are in our products, and how confident we are that you will love the durability, flexibility and elegance of an Anaconda vest.



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