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Anaconda stocks a large range of sportswear for active women in a variety of styles, sizes and designs. Browse our complete collection and get an amazing deal.

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Can I purchase womens sportswear at Anaconda?

Yes, the sportswear range at Anaconda is designed with active women in mind and covers a wide variety of items ranging from sports bras right up to specialist compression wear. It also includes a huge collection of tees, tanks, hoodies, jackets, tights, shorts, pants and more, all specifically designed to keep you comfortable without restricting your movements. So, whether you are planning a session in the gym, a run, cycling, playing indoor or outdoor sports or just want to wear something relaxing at the weekend, check out the range of womens sportswear here at Anaconda today to find your perfect clothes.

Which types of shorts are included in the range?

We carry a large variety of shorts from short, 3 inch running shorts right through to long shorts that would be great for hiking, trekking or leisure. As well as these, you can find longer leggings and capri pants in this section, as well as compression tights and leggings to help improve your performance through improved blood circulation, and more speedy recovery after training or playing sports.

What about gym clothing?

Yes, gym clothing is part of our sportswear range. People have many different ideas about what they feel comfortable wearing in the gym, so this range covers a large selection of different garments including tights, leggings, pants and shorts, as well as tanks, tees, tops and sports bras. Choose from great value basic items or find your favourite brand with great clothing from Adidas, Puma, Nike and many other well-known names in sportswear.

Do you stock sportswear that is suitable for Yoga?

Yes, Anaconda has many garments in the sportswear collection that are suitable for Yoga and similar classes. Here are some of the things to watch out for when selecting Yoga garments:

Comfortable, Breathable Clothing. Choose items that will allow you to focus on the activity, not your tugging waistband or your chafing sleeves.

Get the Right Fit. Avoid items that are too big or revealing, as you will be moving through a number of positions. At the same time, you don't want your movements to be restricted.

Wear layers. Prevent getting too hot, or cooling off too quickly afterwards, by making sure that you have a tank or tee to wear for the actual exercises, but also a fleece jacket, hoodie or another long-sleeved top to wear before and after your class.

Does Anaconda sell other types of womenswear too?

Yes, as well as our great range of sportswear, you can also shop at Anaconda for swim and surfwear, ski apparel, workwear, shirts, tops, jackets and pants. In addition, check out our many clothing accessories for women which include caps, socks, hats, gloves, and more, and remember that you can find comfortable and stylish footwear in our separate footwear range. Other accessories such as sunglasses, media armbands, bags, storage and even gym equipment are also included in our huge collection of products, so check out the whole range today.



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