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Anaconda offers a collection of men's shorts and pants suitable for any activity and for all sizes. Explore brands like Puma, Adidas and more with us today.

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Can I purchase mens pants and shorts at Anaconda?

Yes, as part of our huge range of menswear, we stock a variety of mens pants and shorts that are suitable for leisure wear, sports activities such as cycling, swimming, running and more, and even shorts specifically designed to be used as workwear. With cargo pants, convertible pants, snow and ski pants and a range of shorts to choose from, you can find the right type of pants and shorts here at Anaconda for all times of year and for all types of conditions.

Do you stock shorts suitable for swimming, surfing and other water sports?

Yes, here at Anaconda you will find different types of leisure shorts, swim shorts and board shorts or boardies, for all your water based activities including boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing and more. Choose from different designs and manufacturers and don't forget to look at the many tops and rashies that can complement your outfit.

What about performance clothing?

Yes, compression pants and shorts are also included in our range. Mostly worn under other items of clothing, they can be beneficial for blood flow, for the protection of your muscles as well as for increasing your performance and stamina while training or exercising. Designed to offer a close fit to the body for best results, you can choose from a range of different compression pants and shorts to suit your sport or activity.

Do you offer convertible pants?

Yes, these pants are extremely popular as they offer the option of removing the lower part of the leg, essentially converting them into (long) shorts. Some of these pants have zip fastenings, while others work with Velcro closures, and many have a number of useful pockets too. Many walkers and hikers like these pants as they can take advantage of sudden changes in the weather, or add and remove the bottom parts of the pants as conditions dictate, for instance when crossing water or having to tackle some undergrowth.

What about pants for colder climates?

Yes, again you will have many options here at Anaconda. Check out our range of thermal pants, which are ideal for layering under other types of pants for extra protection in colder climates, or make sure you are warm and dry on the slopes with our range of snow pants, which are available in many different styles and colours.

Can I find workwear pants and shorts at Anaconda too?

Yes, take a look at our hard-wearing cotton twill workwear pants and shorts, which come complete with a range of useful pockets as well as protective kneepads on the pants. These can be used for a number of different types of work or when doing DIY around the house, as they have handy pockets for a range of tools, equipment or parts.



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