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Increase your recovery and performance with our range of compression clothing at Anaconda. Discover our compression clothing range for every athlete.

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Can I purchase compression clothing at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here in our large range of compression clothing at Anaconda, you will be able to find tops, tights, socks and shorts for men and women as well as kids. Compression clothing can help you improve your individual performance on the field, the track or in the gym. With its range of designed compression clothing for all types of athletes. Our range includes compression clothing for all types of athletes and features top brand names such as Skins and 2XU.

What are the benefits of compression clothing?

Compression clothing has become something of an umbrella term for items that exist somewhere on a spectrum of super tight and super revealing, sometimes garishly coloured garments. True compression wear does have a purpose and, if the science is to be believed, true benefits. Designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow to the specified limb, compression wear is said to improve performance and shorten recovery time in both athletes and workout enthusiasts. Compression clothing isn't just a case of tight fabrics. It is graded in its tightness to ease blood flow, it features wicking properties to reduce sweat pooling and keeps you warm.

What are the different types of compression clothing?

There are various types of compression clothing, and you can choose the ones that you feel will benefit your activity in the best way.

1. Socks: Calf length socks have become a standard accessory fitness trend on the race course from 5k's to ultra-marathons. Post-exercise compression socks have been shown to improve recovery and counteract delayed-onset muscle soreness. Wearing compression socks will keep your legs warm whilst you wait for the starting gun and though they won't actually make you run faster, they have been shown to aid in recovery and help preserve maximal power during endurance training.

2. Shorts: Focusing on the upper leg and the glutes, some compression shorts feature padded protection zones around the joints for impact risk sports such as skiing alongside cup holders for martial artists and cricket players. Studies have found that cyclists who wore compression shorts during a 24-hour rest window between two 40km time trials recovered faster and had a far greater power output than those using a placebo.

3. Tops: Upper body compression apparel is most commonly worn by footballers and gym goers wishing to keep warm during those early morning sessions. Again, evidence for its use during exercise is mixed but one thing's for sure, wearing a compression jersey whilst out in the cold wind will keep you warm, dry and comfortable on the pitch.

4. Tights: Made with tighter elastic to better hold its shape, compression tights or leggings also deliver graduated pressure, meaning garments are tighter around the ankle than the knee, which helps improve circulation from the lower leg.

Do compression garments only come in black?

No, many manufacturers have started bringing out compression garments in different designs and colours, so you can choose from flashes of colour or all-over designs and even items in bright colours like pink. Take a look at our large range of compression clothing to find your ideal outfit.



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