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What Tents Are Best When Camping In The Outback

What Tents Are Best When Camping in the Outback?

Are you planning a camping trip to the outback? Then you may be interested in our, "Which tents are best when camping in the outback" article!

When camping in the outback, you need a tent you can rely on, read on below for our recommendations on the most reliable tents on the market today, all available at Anaconda.

Denali Zephyr I Hike Tent

Our Denali Zephyr I Hike Tent is a great option for camping in the outback, giving you rugged protection against the weather elements. The Denali Zephyr I Hike Tent has a high water head, which guides the water away from the top of the tent.

The Denali Zephyr I Hike Tent was made with hikers in mind. The tent is easy to set up and only has a carry weight of 1.9 kilograms.

The tent is also equipped with plenty of mesh, making it suitable for camping in warmer temperatures.

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Denali Kakadu Hike Tent

Our Denali Kakadu Hike Tent is a great choice for hikers, with its compact design and weight of  approximately 2.7 kilograms. Even with its compact design, it is equipped with a large mesh, allowing plenty of air to circulate.

It also has additional storage space, so you don't have to leave your hiking gear and personal belongings outside.
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Spinifex Jindabyne Dome Tent

When hiking with a group, you may want to consider the Spinifex Jindabyne Dome Tent. The dome design of this tent gives each person sufficient room to sleep comfortably, since it has a spacious vestibule at the front and back.

Featuring great ventilation for hot weather, the Spinifex Jindabyne Dome Tents polyester fabric has also been treated with a water resistant coating, making it suitable for rainy weather.

The Spinifex Jindabyne Dome Tent is also equipped with an inner mesh, protecting you against insects and critter alike. While the dome also features a polyethylene floor, so you will sleep comfortably regardless of the surface you are pitched.

The carry weight amounts to only 3.49 kilograms, which is surprisingly light for a tent that can accommodate three people.

The Spinifex Jindabyne Dome Tent is definitely one of our better options for the outback, so be sure to check out the additional features by heading over to the product description page.

Spinifex Franklin Family Tent

Planning a family camping trip in the outback? Then we can recommend the Spinifex Franklin Family Tent as an outstanding option if you need additional privacy. Even though this tent can accommodate nine people, it is possible to divide the tent into three large separate rooms and get the privacy you desire during your camping trip.

A further benefit of the Spinifex Franklin Family Tent is its climate control system. No matter the weather conditions in the outback, this tent will keep you comfortable at all times. The tent has excellent ventilation and also comes with several doors and side windows to make access to the tent easy.

And don't worry if you think this tent would be too hard to set up, as the Spinifex Franklin Family Tent comes with colour coded poles, making assembly easy for everyone!

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Dune Outback XL Swag

Even though a Dune Outback is a swag and not a tent, we had to mention this swag in our overview. The Dune Outback XL Swag was especially designed for use in the outback and is light enough to take with you if you want to go on a good hike.

The Dune Outback XL Swag is made from a canvas material and contains a comfortable foam mattress for sleeping. The Dune Outback XL Swag comes with three flexible fibreglass poles, which offer extra stability and strength.

With temperatures constantly exceeding comfort levels in the outback, Dune has added enough mesh to guarantee good ventilation. The Dune Outback XL Swag has excellent air circulation, ensuring the warm air will escape at night and leave you cool and comfortable.

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