Camping Tableware Buying Guide

Camping Tableware

From the crackle of a roaring fire to the sounds of a laughing Kookaburra, camping in Australia is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and enjoy some personal time with friends and family or some quality alone time. Cooking when camping has greatly evolved since the early days of camping when wrapping some damper around a stick was considered as good as it got.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of camp cooking equipment that allows you to make some truly spectacular camping recipes - but what is the point without camping tableware to eat it with? Are you going to just tear a piece of steak apart with your bare hands and teeth? Come on, even Bear Grylls had a knife to cut things with. But with so many options available, we've created this helpful camping tableware buying guide to explain everything you need to know.

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Most Common Camping Tableware FAQs

Camping Tableware FAQs

What is the best material for camping tableware?

While there are many different types of materials for camping tableware, such as nylon and plastic, the best material for camping tableware is typically going to be titanium, enamel and stainless steel. The best one for you depends on what you want out of your camping tableware. Titanium and stainless steel are going to be much more durable but you won't see many scratches and marks with enamel and melamine camping plates.

What is the best camping cutlery set?

The best camping cutlery set material is titanium due to its highly corrosion-resistant properties, but it's also very expensive. The next best material is stainless steel as it's cheaper yet still has impressive corrosion resistance when taken care of. That's why our Bushtracks Stainless Steel Chow Kit is a great choice when looking for the best camping cutlery set because not only does it have everything you need but is also made out of stainless steel to ensure great durability and corrosion resistance.

What are the best plates for camping?

As mentioned before, one of the best types of material for camping tableware is enamel for its impressive resistance to scratches and marks. This is why when looking for the best plates for camping, our Campfire Enamel 26 cm Deep Plates are a great choice. Not only are they made from high gloss enamel but they also have a generous size, perfect for making sure you are fully filled up after enjoying your favourite camping meal.

What are the best camping coffee cups?

As drinking cups are prone to being dropped, the best type of material to look is melamine. Coffee cups and camping mugs made from melamine, like our Campfire Melamine Mug 400mL, are virtually unbreakable and shatter-resistant. And apart from their impressive durability, they are also lightweight and are very easy to clean, which is exactly what you want when cleaning in the camp kitchen.

Why are enamel plates good for camping?

There are many reasons as to why enamel plates are good for camping. They have impressive allergen-free properties, which makes them a perfect option for campers who suffer from allergies. And apart from their high scratch resistance, enamel camping plates, like our Yonder Enamel Plate, are also heat resistant and won't get damaged by the campfire.

How To Choose A Camping Tableware Set

Camping Tableware Set

When it comes to how to choose a camping tableware set, there are a few factors you will have to consider. Is it made from strong and durable materials? Is it easy to clean? How will it be stored before and after you've finished eating and cleaning up? A great example of all these factors is in our Primus Meal Set, which has a tight-fitting lid, comes with an outdoor cup and features three compartments for everything you'll need.

How To Choose A Cutlery Set For Camping

Apart from making sure it is made from the best materials from camping which we discussed above (stainless steel, titanium or enamel), you will need to make sure that it has everything you need in terms of a knife, fork and spoon. A perfect example is our Sea to Summit Alpha Light 3 Piece Cutlery Set, which is ultra-light, features everything you will need to get stuck into dinner and is made from 7075-T6 aircraft aluminium alloy.

How To Choose Camping Plates

Camping Plates

Choosing the best camping plate for your next camping trip is pretty easy, as long as you are choosing the right type of material. Apart from stainless steel, which can end up looking like you are eating food off of a prison plate, melamine is the next best material in terms of strength and durability. For example, our Campfire Melamine Dinner Plate is made from lightweight and durable melamine material and is extremely easy to clean, which is a massive plus when camping in the outback.

How To Choose Camping Bowls

When choosing the best camping bowls for your campsite, one of the biggest factors to consider is portability and storage. That is why our Sea to Summit XL Bowl is so popular. Apart from being made from BPA-free food-grade silicone, this foldable camping bowl can be simply folded down into a compact size that makes camping storage a breeze.

How To Choose Camping Cups

Camping Cups

Since you will be camping in the outback, the biggest factor to consider when it comes to choosing a camping cup is its ability to insulate and retain heat or cold, which is why you'll want to look for an insulated tumbler like our Camelbak Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Terracotta Rose 850 mL. This bad boy is made from strong stainless steel and can keep hot liquids hot for up to four hours and keep cold drinks cool for up to six hours! These are what you should be looking for when searching for the best camping coffee cups!

How Do You Store Camping Plates & Bowls?

When it comes to storing camping plates and bowls, camping cups, cutlery sets for camping and all other types of camping tableware, a camp kitchen is what you will want. For example, our Spinifex Weekender Camp Kitchen is designed to keep all of your camp tableware neatly stored. It has a detachable wind shield to protect you from the elements, a strong steel frame that can support up to 30kgs and two large storage shelves with a wide area for food preparation. If you are just wanting to keep all of your camp tableware stored in your car, a storage box like our Henledar Heavy Duty Storage Box will make sure everything is neatly tucked away and secured for when you need it.

Shop The Best Camping Tableware At Anaconda

Shop The Best Camping Tableware

With a massive range of camp tableware, camping, camp cooking and more, it has never been easier to find all the right camp tableware and camping equipment you need at Anaconda. Also remember to check out our Adventure Centre for more exciting camping tips, exciting hiking destinations and more, such as:



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