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What Are The Best Hiking Tents Available

What Are the Best Hiking Tents Available?

Need a lightweight yet durable tent to take with your during your hike? Then be sure to have a look at our range of durable hiking tents below.

These hiking tents are the best hiking tents in Australia, all offered at great prices. Read on and discover the perfect hiking tent for your next trip!

Denali Vortex III Hike Tent

Most hikers want a light tent that is easy to carry, considering they like to pitch their tent in more than one location. If this is the case for you, then we recommend the Denali Vortex III Hike Tent.

The Denali Vortex III Hike Tent only has a carry weight of 3.4 kilograms, making it a great choice for camping and hiking alike. In addition to that, it also features an aerodynamic design, making the tent suitable for camping in windy weather conditions and wide open spaces.

Our Denali Vortex III Hike Tent also offers plenty of space and headroom. Entering and exiting the tent is easy as well, with the design of the tent incorporating large doors. If you do not like to go hiking with a swag, and prefer to have a little more space, then this tent will not disappoint.

The Denali Vortex III Hike Tent can accommodate three people, however, there are smaller options available as well if you go hiking on your own. If you only need room for one of two people, you can choose one of the smaller Denali hiking tents and take advantage of an even lighter carry weight.

#ShopWithAnaconda Denali Vortex III 3 Person Hike Tent

Denali X Wind Hike Tent

Anyone who hikes in windy conditions will benefit from a Denali X Wind Hike Tent. Designed especially to deal with heavy winds, the Denali X Wind Hike Tent can accommodate two people and only has a carry weight of 2.7 kilograms.

The Denali X Wind Hike Tent is made from a high-quality nylon. It has a high mesh panel at the front, providing plenty of ventilation when the interior of the tent gets too hot. The mesh panel also has an additional function, keeping the humidity level inside your tent at a comfortable level.

Nylon is a material that is water resistant by nature, so if you choose this tent for your hiking trip you can count on excellent protection against the rain. Contrary to canvas, nylon cannot get damaged by frequent contact with water and is easier to maintain as well. Nylon is also one of the best materials for hiking tents, as it is one of the lightest materials for tents on the market today.

Dune 4WD Stretcher Tent

Anyone who goes hiking and deals with muddy surfaces could use the Dune 4WD Stretcher Tent.

The Dune 4WD Stretcher Tent keeps the bottom of the tent elevated off the ground, subsequently giving you protection against water or mud.

Even though the Dune 4WD Stretcher Tent is quite compact and only accommodates one person, this tent has enough ventilation to keep you nice and cool. With a carry weight amounting to 15 kilograms, it is a little heavier than most hiking tents. Still, hikers that expect to deal with a lot of mud and water during their camping trip will find that the benefits outweigh the higher carry weight.

Dune Sentry Bivy

One of the lightest hiking tents in our online range is the Dune Sentry Bivy.

The Dune Sentry Bivy has a carry weight of only 1.5 kilograms, making it the perfect tent for an extended hiking trip.

The Dune Sentry Bivy is suitable for all climates as well. Our Dune Sentry Bivy has taped seams that protect you against poor weather, but also plenty of ventilation for use in warm temperatures.

#ShopWithAnaconda Dune Sentry Bivy

More Hiking Tents at Anaconda

If one of the tents mentioned above are not really what you're looking for... don't worry, because you can still find the perfect tent here at Anaconda!

Shop With Anaconda for our extended tent range, and find the perfect tent for your camping & hiking, or four-wheel-drive vacation.

We also have a large range of swags for those who like to pack ultra-light!

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