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What Are The Best Family Tents Available

What Are the Best Family Tents Available

Are you looking for the best family tents for your next holiday?

If so, there's no need to look any further! Search our list below for the best family tents available in Australia today. Choose from the largerst range of quality tents with various features and enjoy your camping trip like never before!

Dune Innamincka Canvas Tent

Our Dune Innamincka Canvas Tent is one of our finest family tents. Made from a quality ripstop canvas material, it allows you to camp in a variety of weather conditions.

To protect your family and possessions inside, the canvas of the tent has been treated with a water-resistant coating. This water-resistant coating will keep the interior of the tent dry, while it also protects the exterior material against wear and tear.

The floor on the inside of the Dune Innamincka Canvas Tent has been equipped with a PVC tub floor. The PVC floor provides great support for the users of the tent, but also separates you from the ground underneath the tent.

Privacy is also important for your family when you go camping. To guarantee this privacy, the Dune Innamincka Canvas Tent has a special mesh, functioning as windows, which hides the interior from everyone outside the tent. The inside of the tent can also be divided into various rooms, which gives all family members inside the necessary privacy required.

With a total capacity of 6 people, it is suitable for larger families, or if you want to go camping with a group of friends, this particular tent will certainly meet your requirements.

Dune Eyre Plus Tent

Campers who love to go camping in hot weather, but hate how warm the interior of their tent can get, will love the Dune Eyre Plus Tent.

The Dune Eyre Plus Tent has a minimalist design, and is equipped with a silver-coated roof. This silver-coated roof reflects harsh sunlight, keeping the interior of the tent cool. The tent is also equipped with plenty of mesh, providing extra ventilation when it gets really hot.

Of course, a good tent must be suitable to camp in all weather conditions, so the exterior of the Dune Eyre Plus Tent is made from a water resistant canvas, ensuring that the interior of the tent stays dry and free of water.

Our Dune Eyre Plus Tent offers plenty of privacy, with the interior made of a special mesh that cannot be seen through.

This outstanding tent also comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can be sure you're getting value for money.

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Oztrail Tourer Twin Tent

Families looking for a tent that is easy to pitch, but offers all the features of an excellent family tent, will love the Oztrail Tourer Twin Tent.

Our Oztrail Tourer Twin Tent comes with a simple frame system, so even if you are not an experienced camper, you will still be able to pitch the tent for your family camping trip.

Taking several years to design and develop, the Oztrail Tourer Twin Tent has a number of features not found with most family tents on the market today. The tent is made from a reliable SatProof Canvas and has a puncture resistant floor. Additional features include a convenient lantern loop, power cord guides, zipper storm flaps, added weather security and much more.

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BlackWolf Turbo Lite Twin

Our BlackWolf Turbo Lite Twin allows families to camp in luxury. The design of the tent allows campers to divide the tent into three separate rooms, the perfect setup for a family camping trip. There are also three poles in the front, which gives some shelter against poor weather conditions if needed.

The poles of the BlackWolf Turbo Lite Twin are made from the finest aluminium, ensuring your tent is going to last for many years to come. The fabric of the tent is made from a ripstop polyester, one of the strongest materials for tents. Ripstop fabrics are woven materials, which can be nylon or polyester. The weave makes the material considerably stronger than normal materials, which is why they are often used for lightweight tents, sleeping bags and swags. Polyester ripstop material tends to be the best material for a tent that is going to be used in a warm environment. The material is also lighter than most tent materials, making the tent easy to transport and pitch. Polyester also needs less maintenance than other tent materials and is very resistant against mildew and rips.

#ShopWithAnaconda BlackWolf Turbo Lite Twin

Oztrail Villa Dome Tent

When you need the perfect tent for family camping, the Oztrail Villa Dome is a great option.

This tent was created for the 20th anniversary of the Oztrail brand, so your family will be able to take advantage of a luxurious tent with some of the most popular features the Oztrail brand is synonymous for.

The Oztrail Villa Dome Tent is equipped with a strong PE bucket floor. The floor of a tent is one of the most utilised and important parts of a family tent. Polyethylene (PE) bucket floors tend to be the best match where durability is concerned. This material is weaved for extra durability and has an extra protective coating to protect the bucket floor against damage. The strength and durability of a bucket floor is dependent on the weave and the specific coating that has been applied. When you choose the Oztrail Villa Dome Tent, you can count on a strong weave and a coating with a high PU level.

Customers who purchase one of these family tents at Anaconda can take advantage of a 2-year warranty.

The tent also comes with a geodesic pole, which enables you to pitch the tent quickly and enjoy your camping trip straight away!

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