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Choosing A Sleeping Bag

Choosing A Sleeping Bag

Welcome to #AnacondaInspiration - Choosing A Sleeping Bag.

Below you'll see a collection of links with useful information designed to empower you in making the correct decision when purchasing your new sleeping bag.

We have a number of sleeping bag articles from discussing the different types of bags suitable for different seasons, to explaining the rating system used across all sleeping bags.

There are also a number of gear guides including the best sleeping bags for the winter months, as well as a breakdown of the highest rated sleeping bags available here at Anaconda.

Let us inspire, equip and enable you to get a good nights sleep, whilst camping out under the stars!

Key Features Of A Sleeping Bag

There are many key features to consider when buying a new sleeping bag. Below we have outlinned the most common.

Sleeping Bag Use

Are you going to backpack/lightweight camp, or are you going to be travelling by car or other motorised transport?

If you are backpacking, you may care more about weight and size, whilst if you are travelling by vehicle you will probably care more about overall comfort.

What Are the Different Sleeping Bags for Different Seasons

Sleeping Bags for the Winter Months

Weight / Size / Portability

Influenced again by whether you personally are carrying the bag, or it is going in a car. Some bags have straps on the outside of the stuff sack and this can reduce the physical size significantly.

Some sleeping bags are cut specifically for womens shape and they often come in different lengths. Always buy one long enough!

Indoor Vs Outdoor Sleeping Bags

Temperature Rating

Temperature ratings act as a guide as to what temperature a bag is designed to keep you adequately warm in... whilst wearing thin pyjamas! These are a guide only. If you feel cold as you sleep or hot as you sleep you might need to compensate a little.

Think about the lowest temperature you will be camping in, maybe not just this trip, but future trips too. Then take about 10 degrees off this and choose a bag rated with this number.

It is easy to undo and ventilate a sleeping bag, but much harder to make it warmer! A cold nights sleep vs a warmer cosy one is no contest.

What Are Sleeping Bag Ratings

What Are the Highest Rated Sleeping Bags


Sleeping bags are available with either a synthetic or down filling.

A synthetic fill is generally the cheaper option and will retain warmth, even when wet. It will also dry out quicker if your sleeping bag does unfortunately get a soaking. There are also different greade of synthetic fill available offering different levels of warmth.

A down sleeping bag whilst slightly more expensive, does offer a higher level of warmth and will pack down smaller than a synthetic bag. They are also lighter to carry. We recommend when purchasing a down filled sleeping bag, that you also pick up a sleeping bag liner.

Down Vs Cotton Sleeping Bags - Which Is Better


The shape of your bag has much to do with how warm it will keep you. People's sleep styles are very different. Some people move a lot, some a little. Some sleep curled up, some straight. So how much your sleeping bag hugs your body can be a direct result to how comfortable a nights sleep you will get.

Sleeping bags keep you warm by trapping and holding a layer of air next to your body. The less air you have to heat inside the faster you warm up and stay warm.

What Are the Different Types of Down Sleeping Bags Available

Re-Packing A Stuff Sack (Don't Roll The Sleeping Bag Up)

Sleeping bags used to be rolled up in order to repack them. Modern sleeping bags are repacked by ‘stuffing’ them, literally back into the bag.

Open the stuff sack, then start to push the bag in a little at a time. Keep grasping a little more and push in repeatedly until it is all in.

Once the sleeping bag is in, you then clip the bag top on. Once that is done, you pull on the straps to compress the whole bag and it will become significantly smaller to carry. Often halving in size!

Choosing A  Sleeping Bag - Re-packing a stuff sack
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