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It is important to know that your boat trailer and towing equipment is in top shape for everyone's safety when heading out to the water. To ensure there are no hiccups along the way, shop our great range of boat trailer leaf springs, bearings and accessories at Anaconda today!

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What Do Leaf Springs Do On a Trailer?

Boat trailer leaf springs are very important for giving your travel trailer or boat trailer supportive cushioning from any vibrations and bumps when being transported. Without good trailer suspension, your boating vessel isn't going anywhere.

How Do I Choose a Leaf Spring?

When choosing a leaf spring for your boat trailer, there are a couple of factors to consider and there isn't a one size fits all option. You will need to know the axle weight rating, width and length dimensions, and the spring type you need. You can easily find the axle weight rating by checking the plate or sticker on the axle itself. It's also best to remove the current leaf spring from the trailer and measure it to know the accurate measurements you need.

When Should I Replace My Boat Trailer Leaf Springs?

There are a few telltale signs of when you will need to replace the leaf springs on your boat trailer. If you think your leaf spring or bearings are on their way out, start by inspecting them on your boat trailer. If you notice any cracks or signs of breakage near the bolt, then it's time to replace them otherwise it can lead to serious damage or failure when in use. Other signs can include seeing a build-up of rust and separation of the coils in the springs, which indicates an old and tired leaf spring.

What Other Marine Accessories & Supplies Can I Find at Anaconda?

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Find the Right Boat Trailer Leaf Springs & Bearings at Anaconda

At Anaconda, we stock top-quality gear from premium manufacturers so we can provide you with the best products for the lowest available price. Our range of boat leaf springs, bearings and accessories are made of the highest quality, constructed from heavy-duty materials so you can have confidence in your boat trailer and towing equipment for short trips or long-distance journeys.

Shop our entire range of boat trailer leaf springs, bearings and accessories online or visit us in-store today.



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