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If you believe in prioritising safety while towing a trailer & boat on the open road, Anaconda has the answers. Shop trailer lights & plug adapters now!

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Why do I need trailer lights?

A car or trailer without proper lights is an accident waiting to happen. It is simply not worth the risk driving in an unsafe manner on Australian roads. Your trailer needs to have dedicated lights to assist other road users and conform with legal requirements. A properly maintained trailer includes keeping your trailer lights in proper working order.

Most Australian states require trailers to be fitted with functioning brake and tail lights, turn signal lights and a number plate light. These should all be connected as part of a safe trailer lighting system. If purchasing a new or second-hand trailer, take the time to check out the wiring to ensure it is in good shape. Look for worn, corroded or cracked spots and insulate with electric tape if required.

How to replace trailer lights and wiring?

Ensuring your trailer lights and wiring is up to speed isn't as difficult as you may think, and with tailored Anaconda products on your side, the job just got easier. Here are the tools you will need to complete the work to a high standard.

  • Basic mechanical tools
  • Wire strippers and terminal crimper
  • Crimp connectors
  • Cable ties
  • Electrical tape
  • Heat gun and heat shrink
  • New lights and/or wiring

Here are the steps you should take to replace trailer lights and wiring.

1: Connect the trailer to your vehicle to create a stable workspace.

2: Run new wiring down one side of the trailer, through the chassis rail on the underside, or attach wires to the trailer with cable ties. Trim off unwanted cable from the end.

3: Strip 1cm of insulation from the wires at the ends where they will be connected.

4: Mount the new trailer lights. Place one light either side of the trailer where the old lights used to sit. The replacement light kit will include fitted bolts or spare holes for fitting bolts. Slide the bolts through the holes and secure the lights tightly to the trailer.

5: Connect the wiring from the lights to the new wiring. Connect each colour light wire to the trailer wire of the same colour. Use heat shrink over the joins and apply heat for a fully enclosed seal.

6: Connect the trailer to the tow vehicle using the trailer light socket and test the lights. Seal all connections with electrical tape to keep moisture and dirt from entering.

Does Anaconda stock trailer light kits?

We certainly do, and the Ark Trailer Lights LD10 Premium Combo Pack is a popular product. Ark has been a specialist manufacturer of trailer parts and towing gear for decades, and the LD10 Premium Combo Pack boasts impressive features that include:

  • Stop/tail indicator
  • Built-in reflex reflector
  • 100% submersible
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Prewired and mounting screws
  • 5 Functions
  • Includes licence plate lamp
  • Complies to ADR
  • 100,000 hours of operation
  • 5 Year warranty

Can I purchase trailer light cable at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Our Ark trailer cable kits are available in various lengths for your specific needs. The Ark Trailer Cable Kit 7 Core - 10 Metre product is in demand with Australian boaties, and is suitable for large boats up to 8 metres long. For additional safety, check out Ark trailer reflectors that will keep you and other road users in the picture, and if you require a trailer adaptor, look no further than Ark products at Anaconda.



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