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Well maintained trailer lights are an absolute essential if you plan on transporting your boat on Australian roads. Anaconda's range of trailer lights and adapters will ensure you have everything you need to get your trailer rolling.

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How to install or change boat trailer lights

Like any other vehicle on the road, your trailer needs to have properly maintained brake and indicator lights both for safety and to adhere to Australian road rules. Luckily, making sure your trailer lights are working as they should is fairly straightforward with the right equipment and a little know-how. Here's a quick run-down to get you started.

  • Make sure the trailer is stable by mounting it to your vehicle.
  • Locate your existing wiring, and either remove it or, if it's still in good condition, you may choose to reuse it and connect your new lights to the existing wiring. If you're replacing the wiring, run the new wiring along the same path as the old wiring, trimming any excess at the end.
  • Strip 1cm of insulation from the ends of wires where they will be connected to your trailer lights.
  • Mount your new trailer lights. Place one light on either side of the trailer where the old lights used to sit. The replacement light kit will include fitted bolts or spare holes for fitting bolts. Slide the bolts through the holes and secure the lights to the trailer.
  • Connect the wire from the lights to the wiring on your trailer, making sure you match the positive/negative wires correctly (match red with red, black with black etc). Use electrical tape or heat shrink over the joins for a fully enclosed seal.
  • Connect the trailer light socket to the vehicle and test the lights. Seal all connections with electrical tape to protect wires from moisture and dirt.

What other boat trailer accessories can I find at Anaconda?

Anaconda's massive range of boat trailer accessories will help ensure you get your boat to and from the boat ramp hassle-free. Let's have a look at what's available.

Boat trailer jockey wheels

The jockey wheel is a vital piece of trailer equipment for helping to hitch the trailer to a vehicle and keep the trailer off the ground when it's not hitched.

Boat trailer leaf springs & bearings

Our leaf springs and bearings are made from heavy-duty materials so you can have confidence in your boat trailer and towing equipment for short trips or long-distance journeys alike.

Boat trailer rollers & brackets

Rollers and brackets make rolling your boat across the trailer frictionless and easy, as well as protecting the keel of your boat. Check out our range before your next boat trip.

Boat tie down straps & towing accessories

Keep your boat safe and secure while you're towing with our range of boat tie down straps and towing accessories - your future self will thank you for it!

Boat trailer winches & accessories

Our trailer winches will make launching your boat and lifting your boat onto the trailer a whole lot easier - even on the steepest launching ramps.

Find the Right Boat Trailer Lights and Plug Adapters at Anaconda

We've got everything you need to make sure your boat trailer is roadworthy and ready to go next time you want to get out on the water. What's more, our huge range of marine supplies makes Anaconda your go-to store for boating and fishing supplies.

If you'd like to see the range in person, or chat with one of our friendly team members, check out our store finder to find a store near you.



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