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Why do I need a winch?

Trailer winches provide the strength needed to lift your boat onto the trailer while on an inclined launching ramp. A trailer mounted winch contains a length of strong cable, rope or webbing. Attach the winch snap-clip to the bow of your boat and use the winch to lift your boat onto a trailer, or for sliding the boat backwards into the water at a controlled rate.

Manual winches provide the additional muscle power required for pulling your boat, while the rachet holds the boat so it doesn't slide backwards. A regular person using a manual winch can retrieve a boat weighing more than a ton. Larger winches have a lower gear ratio, allowing you to multiply your strength even more. Electric winches are powerful, using a low-stretch cable connected to your boat, and are ideal for larger, heavier vessels.

The angle of the boat ramp and trailer accessories will also play a role in winch capability. The load on your winch will be higher if your trailer is not equipped with rollers. Trailer rollers create less resistance, allowing you to lift your boat with less effort. Explore Anaconda rollers, brackets and other fittings suitable for your trailer and boat.

What winch do I need?

If your boat is a relatively small runabout a manual winch will do the trick. For additional pulling power, consider purchasing an electric powered winch. Here are a few great products available at Anaconda.

Atlantic Dyneema Winch 1500kg 3 Speed: This winch has several gear ratio speed options: 15:1/5:1/1:1, with pulling capacity up to 1500kg. It features 7.5m of Dyneema rope with snap hook attached. It is NASA tested, comes with a Dacromet finish, and is suitable for boats up to 20ft long. Alternative Atlantic Dyneema winches available at Anaconda are available with a range of winch ratios, S-hooks and strong cable for lifting between 550kg to 1500kg.

Haul-It Electric Winch: Let electric motor power take the strain by using a Haul-It winch with features that include:

  • Power in and power out functions
  • Free spool out function
  • 5m x 5.5mm cable with Snap Hook
  • Remote control, overheat motor sensor

Purchase the right winch for your boat and get ready for fun times on amazing Australian waterways.

Does Anaconda stock more boating and marine equipment and accessories?

Yes, we do. Anaconda is Australia's biggest and most progressive outdoor equipment and accessories retailer with more available products than anyone else. We support Australian boaties with top range gear that includes navigation equipment, marine electronics, marine oil and lubricants, rod holders, chandlery and mounting hardware, bilge pumps, aerators and a whole lot more.

Why choose Anaconda for winches and accessories?

We are the go-to store for outdoor Australians. Anaconda partners with major Australian and international brands including Honda, Evinrude, Jarvis Walker, Shimano, Lowrance, Garmin, GME and Oceansouth, so you can have confidence in your purchase. We are also the number one choice for fishing rods, fishing reels, terminal tackle and fishing apparel designed to combat all weather conditions.

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