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Boating is a whole world of fun, and the experience is enhanced with keel rollers and other accessories. Shop Anaconda's trailer rollers and brackets!

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What is a keel roller?

Keel rollers are the no-friction way for your boat to roll across the trailer without damaging the keel of your boat. A keel roller can be used in conjunction with side rollers for equal weight distribution. This makes loading, unloading and launching your boat convenient. Keel rollers are built to provide stable grip and optimum winch pulling power. There are many different keel roller designs available for different boat types. Examples include:

  • Curved keel rollers that are ideal for fibreglass and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) boats featuring a round hull shape.
  • Tapered keel rollers that assist by keeping the keel of the boat in the centre of the trailer, providing a safer and more stable system for transporting your boat.
  • Cotton keel rollers are tough and well-known for their load bearing ability for larger vessels.

In addition, Anaconda stocks great Waterline wobble roller products that are non-marking, non-slip and hard-wearing. These rollers are made from weather-resistant polyurethane for a lifetime of reliable use.

What brackets do I need for my boat trailer and winch setup?

Anaconda stocks impressive winches and other marine accessories for every type of boatie. With Anaconda, you also get the opportunity to adapt, strengthen and personalise your trailer and winch setup for your boat. We have a huge range of brackets and fittings that include yoke stems, side adjusters, bolt-on brackets, weld-on brackets, roller spindles, roller washers, split pins and a whole lot more.

If you are looking for rubber keel rollers, nylon keel rollers, poly keel rollers, trailer blocks, double wobble roller brackets, galvanised fish plates, trailer skid moulds or other innovative roller and bracket products, look no further than Anaconda. We will help you personalise your style for optimum trailer and winch strength and performance.

Does Anaconda stock other marine and boating parts and accessories?

We certainly do. As Australia's largest outdoor and adventure retailer, Anaconda has a commitment to providing the widest possible range of products for the best available price. Explore great Anaconda boating and marine products that include marine electronics, safety equipment, navigation lights, bungs, fenders, battery boxes, fit-out items, chandlery, bilge pumps, petrol motors, electric motors and more.

Why choose Anaconda for rollers and brackets?

At Anaconda, we have an unbeatable product range at prices regular Australians can afford. We partner with major marine, boating and fishing brands such as Honda, Jarvis Walker, Waterline, Shimano, Penn and Ark so you can have complete confidence in your purchase. If you are a keen angler you will be impressed by our huge range of fishing rods, fishing reels, terminal tackle, fishing chairs, tackle boxes, backpacks, aerators, gaffs, cast nets and other gear specific to your personal style.

How to purchase rollers and brackets at Anaconda?

This is the fun part, and Anaconda offers both online and in-store purchasing options. If you like the hands-on style of shopping, visit your nearest Anaconda retailer. We have an Australia-wide network of retail outlets, so there is bound to be a store near you. You will also have the opportunity to speak to an Anaconda product expert for more advice and inspiration.

If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for fast payment and speedy product delivery to your door. At Anaconda, we offer afterpay, gift cards, Anaconda Club deals, weekly specials and our famous lowest available price guarantee on every stocked item.



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