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Experience the relaxing tranquillity of freshwater fishing with our Freshwater Fishing Collection. This collection features rods, combos and kits that are essentials for the perfect fly fishing outing. We are surrounded by many amazing rivers and lakes in our great country so get outdoors and discover the thrill of freshwater fishing

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Get The Best Tips For Your Freshwater Fishing Trip!

Freshwater fishing is an artform on its own. Much like deep sea fishing and estuary fishing, it requires special equipment and know-how. If you are not familiar with freshwater fishing and looking for some pro tips, be sure to read the information provided by the Anaconda team below.

When Am I Fishing In Freshwater?

There are many locations that qualify as freshwater fishing. To be classified as freshwater, the water must have a salinity that is lower than 0.5%. This kind of water is commonly found in ponds, rivers, streams, and the like.

One of the interesting things about freshwater fishing is the species of fish you can encounter there. Naturally, the fish you find here will be completely different from those you can catch in saltwater. For example, a common fish you can encounter in freshwater is the salmon.

How Do I Find A Prime Fishing Location On Freshwater?

When you start fishing in freshwater, you will notice there are many locations and large bodies of water where you could be fishing. Of course, this does not give you the exact location of the fish you are after, so the following things can help you catch the right species.

Fishing maps and guides - These can help greatly to locate the fish you are after. A map that provides you with the topographic details of the water can help you determine details such as depth, but also show clear locations of prime fishing spots.

Get the right bobber - For beginners, it is certainly not a bad idea to use bobbers. The slip bobber is especially convenient here, as this is one of the easiest options to work with. There are other options to try though, but you should certainly have this one to start out.

Bait guides - To catch certain species of fish in freshwater, you still need the right bait. Experienced anglers will tell you that live bait is always best, this includes worms, crayfish, and minnows. However, if you do not have these at your disposal, you can always obtain freshwater bait from Anaconda.

Don't wear strong scents - Many people do not realise that freshwater fish can have a keen sense of smell. If you are wearing a strong perfume or aftershave, this scent could go on the bobber or the bait, which will warn fish of your presence. Therefore, always keep foreign smells away from your equipment.

Weather conditions - Fishing in certain weather conditions can improve your chances of catching certain species, this can relate to temperature, but also the overall weather condition, e.g. rain, sun, etc. To determine which kind of weather conditions are ideal for the species you are after, simply refer to one of our fish guides.

How Do I Catch Salmon?

One of the first freshwater fish species you may be after is the salmon. There are some specific tips we can give you for this fish, so be sure to read some of our brief tips below.

Better hooks for sharper jaws - Remember that salmons have very thick jaws. Therefore, the hooks you use for this fish should be extremely sharp. If you do not have this in your collection, you can easily acquire some from Anaconda.

Roe bait - Roe is best to catch salmon, this type of bait can be purchased. If you want to use a lure as well, always choose a classic spinner for the best result possible.

Drift fishing techniques - Learning certain fishing techniques can be extremely beneficial if you want to catch a specific fish. For the salmon, the drift fishing technique is recommended. The drift fishing technique involves casting the bait upstream, preferably in an area where you believe there might be salmon. Executing this technique makes a bite more likely for salmon.

Freshwater Fishing Equipment From Anaconda

Shopping at Anaconda provides you with access to a large range of freshwater fishing equipment, bait, lures, and guides. Of course, we also provide equipment for saltwater fishing, estuary fishing and lots more. If you wish to discover our range of equipment and our amazing prices, please head over to the fishing catalogue. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Anaconda team.



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