The best fishing lures really will help you catch more fish. Specialist ZMan lures have been tried and tested in real fishing conditions, so you can chase your favourite target fish species with confidence.

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ZMan is one of the fastest growing lure brands in the US and around the world, but the fame has been the result of more than 30 years producing and perfecting superior angling products. Since perfecting the production and coloration of silicone skirting in the 1980s, ZMan has continued to evolve, and today's cutting edge ElaZtech soft plastics and ChatterBait bladed jigs are world leading freshwater - saltwater baits.

The success catapulted with the introduction of ChatterBait in 2006, and plenty of tournament winning records soon followed. These lures became the world's most sought after, and ZMan took a central role in keeping up with manufacturing and distribution of the incredibly popular ChatterBait products. Today's line of ZMan ChatterBait lures include baits that are extremely effective for a wide range of fresh and saltwater fish species.

ZMan's proprietary formula used in these amazingly durable lures creates a material that is remarkably soft and pliable, yet strongly resists nicks and cuts. These lures are manufactured entirely at the ZMan South Carolina facility, and the dedication to quality means you won't end up with a bunch of torn and shredded lures by the end of the day.

ZMan lures are naturally buoyant and float in a visible and lifelike way - the perfect target for game fish. Unlike some other plastic baits, ZMan lures don't contain PVC, plastisol or phthalates, and are non-toxic. These baits can outlast and outperform other baits on the market, without damaging the environment.

Anglers the world over recognize the ZMan brand. The work continues, and ZMan specialists work with elite tour anglers and professionals to develop innovative and eye catching lures and other products. Experience ZMan lures and find out for yourself why ZMan remains among the fastest growing lure brands worldwide.

The Anaconda commitment to fishing excellence is unmatched. We are Australia's biggest camping, hiking and outdoor retailer, and our range of fishing gear from famous brands needs to be experienced to be believed. Our support of dedicated and award winning companies like ZMan is a major reason customers trust Anaconda. We support the best products available, and pass the savings on to you.

ZMan lures are eerily realistic, at least from the perspective of fish. Special manufacturing processes enable ZMan to make lures that are incredibly lightweight and almost transparent, yet strong enough to handle big fish. Unique colour and pattern designs create a realistic 3-D lure effect known to attract fish and result in a bigger catch. Here are just a few innovative ZMan lure examples, available at Anaconda.

ZMan Hard Leg FrogZ Lure Pack: Simple in structure, but with the ability to create water movement, noise and a bubble trail, the Hard Leg FrogZ lure is ready for aggressive strikes. Available in a wide range of frog colour tones and with a realistic frog profile, this lure pack is used to catch Barramundi, mangrove jack, Murry cod and other large fish.

ZMan GrubZ Lure Pack: Considered one of the best performing plastic lures, the ZMan GrubZ is a proven attraction for bream, bass, trout, redfin and more. The lure is weighted to strike the ideal pose for attracting fish. The lively curly tail and life-like presentation are designed to catch the eye of any predatory fish swimming nearby.

ZMan Streaks Lure Pack: This lure has a realistic injured baitfish glide and flick, and will appeal to bream, flathead, bass, trevally, tuna and other fish species. Small in stature, these lures are big on performance and designed to attract maximum fishing action.

Every professional fisherman and amateur angler should invest in high quality lures that get results. At Anaconda, you get ZMan lures, plus a huge range of fishing gear and tackle from world leading manufacturers, all with a lowest price guarantee.



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