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Jackall is a well-respected brand in the fishing industry, known for its innovative lures and fishing tackle. Founded in Japan in 1999, Jackall quickly gained popularity among anglers worldwide for its high-quality products. Jackall lures are renowned for their attention to detail, durability, and effectiveness on the water. Their diverse range includes topwater lures, crankbaits, soft plastics, and more, designed to target a variety of fish species. Jackall's commitment to innovation and performance has earned them a loyal following among both recreational and professional anglers, making them a trusted name in the fishing tackle market.

Experience the thrill of fishing with Jackall's top-performing lures. The Jackall Squirrel delivers lifelike action, mimicking injured baitfish to entice predatory strikes. For versatile action, the Jackall TN60 is a go-to choice, with its tight wobbling motion and effective rattling sound. Turn heads with the Jackall Pompadour, an innovative topwater lure that creates a buzzing commotion to attract aggressive strikes from bass and other predators. Finally, the Jackall Gantarel offers a realistic swimbait design, equipped with jointed segments for lifelike movement, perfect for targeting big fish. Trust Jackall for premium quality and undeniable effectiveness on the water. Shop our entire range of Jackall lures at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Jackall Fishing FAQs

Are Jackall lures good?

Yes, Jackall lures are highly regarded among anglers for their quality and effectiveness. Known for innovative designs and attention to detail, Jackall lures consistently produce results on the water. Anglers appreciate their lifelike actions, durable construction, and ability to attract a wide range of fish species. Whether fishing for bass, trout, pike, or other game fish, Jackall lures are trusted for their performance and success.

How to tie a fishing lure?

To tie a fishing lure, first, pass the line through the lure's eyelet. Then, form a loop by crossing the tag end over the standing line. Wrap the tag end around both lines 5 to 7 times, passing through the loop each time. Moisten the knot and pull the tag end to tighten. Trim the excess tag end. This creates a secure and reliable knot for attaching the lure.

How to use a fishing lure?

To use a fishing lure, cast it into the water near potential fish-holding spots like cover or structure. Retrieve the lure with a steady or erratic motion to mimic the movement of prey. Vary the speed and depth to find what entices bites. When a fish strikes, set the hook with a quick upward motion of the rod. Reel in the fish while maintaining tension on the line.

Where are Jackall lures made?

Jackall lures are made in Japan, where the brand was founded in 1999. Japan is renowned for its precision engineering and high-quality fishing tackle manufacturing. Jackall's commitment to excellence in design and production is reflected in their lures, which are crafted using advanced techniques and materials. Anglers worldwide trust Jackall lures for their innovation, durability, and effectiveness on the water.

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