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Dometic Outdoor Fridges & Freezers

Whether you're an RV user, boat owner, truck driver, camper or general outdoor enthusiast - with Dometic by your side - you get to harness your sense of adventure and stay away longer. Mobile living is made easy with Dometic Fridge/Freezers.


Why Dometic?

Dometic has a legacy that can be traced back to the invention of the first refrigerator.

In 1925, Electrolux acquired Arctic - the company with the original manufacturer's rights for a cooling system that uses heat rather than ice. In the 1960s, Electrolux called its leisure appliances division Dometic, and has grown from strength to strength in building Dometic'sreputation as a world-leading supplier of portable food and beverage cooling systems and accessories.

All of Dometic's coolers, fridge/freezers, cool boxes and iceboxes have been tested in temperatures up to 40 degrees celsius. After three months in the hottest parts of Australian deserts, none of the Dometic products lost their cool.

Dometic also has a power solution range that includes packs, chargers, cables and solar panels to keep everything running to maximum efficiency.

Durability & Quality
Durability & Quality
Handy Features
Handy Features
Strong Handles
Strong Handles
Shop The Dometic CFX Series


Specifically designed to fit all kinds of vehicles, the CFX Series comprises portable compressor fridges and/or freezers created to keep food and drinks perfectly chilled - or even frozen - while out on the road. The range includes a variety of models, from an ultra-compact CFX28L fridge/freezer to the CFX75DZW & CFX95DZW, which have two separate temperature zones for simultaneous cooling and freezing in any combination.

Shop The Dometic CFF Series


The CFF series helps adventurers off the grid for longer by integrating impressive cooling or freezing with efficient interior storage. Whether you're storing for short stays, long trip meals or just wine and soft drink bottles, this series capitalises on its optimised capacity so everyone gets to enjoy something very cool.

Shop The Dometic CF Series


With built-in carry handles, the CF Series is a range of compact fridge/freezers that you can take anywhere with minimum fuss. With four models in the range, starting with the super-slim CF11 a perfect solution for your vehicle's console, this range of fridge/freezers can deep-freeze food and chill drinks with minimal power consumption. The CF Series provides even greater convenience thanks to a new compact compressor that makes it lighter than its predecessor.



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