Want to keep it environmentally friendly by using solar-powered items when you go camping? Shop Anaconda's portable solar panels for your next outdoor trip!

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Portable solar panels are ideal for use almost anywhere around Australia, making solar panel kits, chargers, foldable solar gear, inverters and deep cycle batteries the right solution for outdoor power. Progressive equipment at Anaconda includes monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, solar blankets, flexible solar panels, solar panel kits, charge controllers and other off grid ideas. For a solar energy efficient getaway, explore more great options for portable camping power and high quality solar energy gadgets at Anaconda.


For starters, we have an unbeatable range of portable solar panels and camping power solutions. Solar power panels are thin film, lightweight, easily erected under an awning and easily stowed in a camper trailer. A high quality monocrystalline solar panel or polycrystalline solar panel will provide campervan or camping power for LED lights, a power bank and portable camping gadgets. Check out great Anaconda ideas for NSW, Qld, Vic and anywhere else around Australia.


The headland clip on solar light from Anaconda is one of those small but essential items no one should be without. Its strong alligator clip will allow you to clip it to almost anything and it can light up the area inside your tent, or outside to stop you tripping over wires. Also, useful to carry in the car for unexpected overnight stops or emergencies, and can be used in any number of spaces around the home too.

A solar lantern is another useful item to have on camping trips, or around the home in case of power cuts. Choose from a practical and powerful light such as the Dune solar powerhouse, or a traditional camp side look in the Eco solar lantern. With a back-up dynamo handle the eco solar lantern can even be brought to life when there is no power and no sun, and its hanging hook means it can provide light just about anywhere.

Never worry about your phone again with the various battery chargers for phones from Anaconda. Whether you have an iPhone or an android phone, you will be able to charge up your phone anywhere the sun shines with these handy chargers that are compact and light enough to carry in a pocket or back pack.

Do you have a car that you only use now and again? Make sure it doesn't let you down by using one of Anacondas special battery chargers for vehicles. Use the power of the sun to make sure your battery stays topped up and your vehicle will start immediately when you need it. The unbeatable range of portable solar panels and camping power solutions will transform your next outdoor adventure. Check out solar system wattage and solar regulator products for easy outdoor living. Solar power is effective for solar chargers, solar cells and deep cycle batteries for optimum solar energy efficiency.


You'll find several different solar panels at Anaconda, all designed to be easy to transport. Choose from folding solar panels and fold-up solar panels in different sizes, from small ones that are fine for charging up your phone or tablet to large ones that will sort out your lighting or cooling needs while camping. You can also use solar power to heat up the water for your camp shower, so make sure you investigate the possibilities around solar power and you could be completely self-sufficient on your next outdoor adventure.



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