Camping For Two

Get away this summer season and share a camping experience with someone close. Discover Anaconda's camping accessories and outdoor equipment made for two!

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Camping for two is all about spending good times with someone close. Camping doesn't have to be an arduous experience, and with a little tweaking can become a glamping fun time without the austerity. It's the little extras that count, particularly when camping in wilderness locations without modern conveniences. The Anaconda range of camping, hiking and outdoor products includes equipment and accessories that will transform any camp site into a cosy home away from home.

Camping for two can be very romantic. Nature is on your side with stargazing, gorgeous vistas, a special dinner and cosy fireside all on offer. You will need to plan ahead to ensure the romantic getaway goes smoothly, so here are some important aspects worth considering.

Location: If yours is a romantic camping trip, choose a remote but safe area where you can connect with your partner without noisy distractions. Choose a scenic spot where you can both appreciate the sunrise, sunset, mountains or waterways. Your camp location can be isolated, or close to popular beaches, rivers or hiking trails.

Camp dining: It is guaranteed that you will have a hearty appetite while camping. It could be the fresh air, sunshine and natural vibes, or simply that you have plenty of down time and eating is enjoyable. In either case, camp cooking and dining can be easily upgraded with portable cooktops, adaptable cookware and smart storage solutions.

Sleeping: Awkward and ineffective tents and sleeping bags of yesteryear have been replaced by lightweight, weather-resistant, adaptable products designed to encourage comfortable dwelling and a good night's sleep. Tent and sleeping bag options abound at Anaconda, ensuring you get the right fit for you and your camping companion.

Favourite accessories: Camping has evolved, with options that include solar lighting and power, Bluetooth connectivity, app charging devices and satellite technology. In today's camping for two world you can bring along your favourite romantic music, turn the lights down low and enjoy the serenity.

There is a lot to remember when planning a camping for two getaway, so make a checklist of essentials such as camp chairs, first aid equipment, water storage containers, food storage containers, torches, navigation equipment and other items that will optimise camping pleasure. All the above and more is available at Anaconda, with ideas that include:

Dune 4WD Rooftop Tent 120cm: Enjoy plenty of space for two people and the best view in Australia. The tent sets up in seconds courtesy of the innovative cylinder mechanism, any your love nest will be situated safely above the creepy crawlies of the Australian bush. Features include a high density foam mattress, shoe pockets at the front door, and a telescopic ladder so your partner can ascend in style.

Tactical 4 + 3 LED Headlamp 2 Pack: Turn your romantic getaway into a real adventure with matching headlamps for exploring at night. These powerful headlamps provide 6 hours of constant light at 100% beam, and if the night-time forest gets too scary, there is every chance your date will move a little closer for protection.

Spinifex Deluxe 2 Burner Camp Stove: Fun in the Australian bush is multiplied when meals are tasty and nutritious. Enter the Spinifex Deluxe 2 Burner Camp Stove with powerful jets and the ability to prepare your best home cooking specialities. Side and rear windshields protect the flame, and the entire unit folds up into its own convenient carry case.

The Anaconda deals just keep coming, with countless ways to enjoy and appreciate camping for two. Visit us in-store or explore the entire Anaconda range online for the latest products, special weekly deals and the lowest available price on every stocked item.



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